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CLAMP the EAR a clothespeg for 5 seconds! The effect will be unexpected! - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: in life, there is no get out of pain and fatigue this normal, we are all people and we can not permanently feel perfect but you wonder what margin health is stored in external and internal organs our body and this The stock can be release exist interesting and unusual way energy management in body reflexology today we will show perhaps the most an interesting part of this science you will need only clothespins and
  • 00:30: your own ear why ear each ear in a certain sense represents full body map books ends a huge number nerve endings through central nervous system linked literally with everyone internal organs in us inside in each ear six points linked to specific parts of our body click in the clothes peg and immediately feel the tide energy and health first peak of the eye
  • 01:01: this part of the ear is directly related to back and shoulders pressing on this point within 1 minutes every day you can weaken tension in these places especially relevant for people leading sedentary image life second up curved it . linked to internal bodies with each a little bit so if you feel the inner discomfort inexplicable fatigue Health simply prischi
  • 01:31: drink and clothespin for this place you are in 20 seconds it will not be easier forget to turn to doctor to find out root cause discomfort 3 upper middle of ear and this part of the ear associated with joints push on this point to take pain and fatigue joints after long sitting for computer 4 bottom among on and part of the ear
  • 02:01: pressure on lower middle of ear will bring relief nose and cord is very convenient when you want get enough sleep but not can if the downtrodden nose fifth point above the barrel is associated with digestion having hooked there clothespin you will facilitate pain in the abdomen and intestines can also be enjoy this trick like preventive 6 means this. ear is associated with the heart and click on litter
  • 02:32: support heart health a also remove migraines and headaches be healthy Thank you for attention write comments put evaluation and subscribe to channel