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Geranium geranium as it is correct to cherenkovat, grow up from seeds on a diaper. No. 10.

Geranium geranium as it is correct to cherenkovat, grow up from seeds on a diaper. No. 10.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello growers love today I want you those who return levels and that concerns over pretty cute in her and also growing seed I have shown you 1 I engaged means ruling any lagoon sediments daughter more than once Show results what we do see what kind of framework
  • 00:30: These Pelargonium two and a half month expressed sunflower seed this is the first such are grown Here at this party which imposes extolled grade choose to multiple at They were planted on April 2 December and now one and a half months we such sochniki pretty than the part of them I put under illumination and part of the fire without backlight
  • 01:00: or the same the difference is not that is their elimination a backlit window has even leaves not put mania wait and leaves has stained his the color of the zone armani and that's what it means here these results mean we have about growing These seeds I like also showed the same stage work that I Cheremhovo in the late summer and fall they now
  • 01:32: almost ready to propagation of First, it's the one hand will cuttings and with other hand it will be and how to clothespin To this was more fluffy funny bush here it's key timber or need also looking for night tip I It falls on the stalk us the following plant for on what it already Can it go different sides Bushes have such
  • 02:03: manner stuffing treat disk or yogurt people blade'll show school here Archer now this side the escape I see you for almost Based on this is more about about the Bush more more more branch out even more 6 will wherein the straight cutting
  • 02:33: under the leaves make oblique here that's the way here these all the lower leaves we remove, we need just keep on should be left latest top down . in order to the plant could situation pochvosmes I owe much shorter
  • 03:09: many pearly vermiculite plant affected if there little ground for why why for the good man to I add a lot of We have bullets for it to the windows very choked important for striping really need mixed with the composition
  • 03:39: air should be head yea this is the most the main condition for To cuttings dalkor Do not bother just trying so that's the way stalks get points the thus will distribute So take the following write here do not know what here we take here such hair between bowls with.
  • 04:09: We leave act the same question my father cm 2 So they go deep and strong type tablet went Course It is already flying in different the parties simply Beauty will not you bore all their actions bustle
  • 04:40: walls and then turn type of statue drink three example plastic rescued from a simple transparent mass cover time ventilate and more what if we I take off my advice and fill up first while I do land you need a little bit it is important that measurable at about Alternation and tails
  • 05:10: Pilar cats I I finish up the new meetings and goodbye