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  • 00:00: in this lesson we will close 2 gin on sample I have already made knitting finished ancillary thread and processed steam jet steam is not touching the iron and the working thread is dried leave in four longer than our
  • 00:30: sample or the fabric of the product if the product is more wide take additional thread since very long thread to work uncomfortably yes and it will be confused in If this happens, maximally camouflage a place not in the wrong which can not be connect them with a node you need the edge to be exceptionally clean and neatly weave auxiliary thread
  • 01:05: and we get open loops end of work thread we fill in the gu needle it is better to take tapestry such would have
  • 01:36: big abalone and stupid tip with these needles most convenient work with jersey I took the thread contrast to I could see better myself we will assume that it is a working thread and fixed it on the edge to more it was believable and start closing first two extreme
  • 02:06: loops are attached needle and stretch in them thread now back to the first extremely loops in her The needle at us enters and goes first loop with purl
  • 02:37: two hinges us on the needle stretch the thread and go to the front the side is uncoupled the loop that we have already tapped and the second loop we have freely stretch out them and we fix
  • 03:08: way these loops turn the wrong side to self knitting and take the first loop already sewn and the second free c purportedly from us hand draw a thread we correct everything so that
  • 03:38: the edge was even go to the front side of us again we take stuck loop here it is thread already seized and The second loop we have free clamping go to the wrong side again we have two loops will be visually
  • 04:09: caught stitched and 2 loose stretch the thread we fix these two loops return to face next parapet I'm already caught here she's a thread take and free loop next
  • 04:41: the wrong side again two loops stitched lies and free and gradually one loop then on the wrong side with Facial advancing and close the open row next couple and
  • 05:23: fix from the front tighten the thread gradually advance on a number turn the product
  • 05:55: then the front side and imagine that purl and pairwise connect loops when we tighten We hold the string free loops to they randomly did not blossom fingers
  • 06:27: intercept and press ut together where we do not have passes we got already to the left and continue in the same consistency close the hinges 2 from the face 2 loops with underside
  • 07:03: me a thread shortish needed there was little do not tear off okay anyway enough to close from the front and yes picked up on
  • 07:33: the wrong side went 2 loops 2 eyelets on the needle and held out a string front side consolidated and the wrong side 2 loops fixed and the last edge We have loops left fixed it with
  • 08:05: front and fix the last loop with purl parties in New York in bounded and everything here he found sufficiently elastic and elastic smooth and beautiful as see as finishes can be use contrasting thread as we see it turns out
  • 08:35: also very interesting result