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Smart picture from wool

Smart picture from wool  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello Anton we live in Komolov the world of things such normal would have been boring but they are much interesting than appear we need only to know how to it is made of wool painting with a lean sheep on the floor picture wool can not Only knit different
  • 00:30: things toys and accessories wool can even draw this technique It called wool painting or woolen watercolor these pictures made in the art fulling instead of paint in in the arsenal of the artist a whole palette of fibers a wide variety of tones and textures first master prepares jobs
  • 01:01: is spread on the table oilcloth on top of it puts mosquito net etc. frame is measured for picture should be determine the size to get a square with sides 48 centimeters the same size and will be the basis for still life better just for this fit undyed wool sliver strictly by size master puts pinch off the canvas
  • 01:32: very thin uniform strands spread in basis two layers should follow not to leave bald spots all strands placed in one direction completion of wool carpet should be neat able hands to surface It is flat Now spread background painting all trick is that Tonirujushchaja cloth exclusively
  • 02:02: the edges of the central often leaving for basic compositions it is necessary to work was not too thick interesting that inconsistent in classic painting shades give completely different result in pictures wool direction pryadok location mimics strokes brush graphic quality work give different contrasting colors and decorative fiber flax and silk bamboo viscose
  • 02:33: soy artist works green wool different shades of dark to light tone so gradually create depth pattern of light and shade required conditions in wool painting for example to create a shadow master use black cotton wool finally all comes to central compositions a bouquet of flowers for
  • 03:03: work required a sponge and A special needle Felting first master forms buds of green and pink hair straight sponges multiple punctures needle completely quite loose Details will be easier privalyat canvas bouquet laid on painting process work corrects flowers composition stems and leaves
  • 03:33: if on a feeling now put but a real bouquet which is still not grabs the bouquet will stand in a glass transparent means you first it is necessary to lay what in the stalks and water itself vase creates white smooth hair it is called tops the thinnest strands give transparency glass in the completion of
  • 04:03: small leaf on top of the vase Still alive and the final composition covers mosquito net then sprayed the picture soap solution layers to fully everything must be soaked compacted wool flakes from soap solution disclosed fiber It begins to cling
  • 04:33: with each other the master releases off the grid fabric look no progress whether the composition if that something is wrong, you can correct etc. painting no longer work as well virtually blur after such execution good picture rinsed under running water squeeze in a towel then straighten stretch and left to dry on
  • 05:04: smooth surface last picture dry note how changed colors some faded others on the contrary appeared brighter ready now is adhered to passport the artist puts his signature picture inserted into the frame and It hangs on the wall to create a picture in the technique of wool
  • 05:34: painting not necessarily a good thing draw enough and learn how to play the forward