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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear gardeners and truck farmers with you Tatyana I'm glad all welcome on your channel harvest on the garden today's video I I want to talk about prevention late blight now there are a lot of questions on this topic everyone cares many already notice signs of appearance of this fungal disease that can stand on the vine destroy all I had a harvest related videos I in detail
  • 00:30: told about many means that I I use in a complex but today I want to stop at one means that me often ask do I use prevention phytophthora phytosporin I now want to say that Yes, I use and I begin to use still in the growing seedlings that is, all the seedlings I'm spraying phytosporin two to three time in time growing it applies to all
  • 01:00: plants but especially to eggplant tomatoes well and also others culture that is precisely as prevention but here I want to tell you what I I do not use it pure form and share such small a secret let's say so I I think that very few people about it knows but sometime I have long read that phytosporin action can be strengthened and very simple way let me get you tell how I I use phytosporin
  • 01:30: that is, I buy phytosporin which goes like this pasty I its I will lay down according to the instructions for 400 milliliters of water and here is this worker I use the solution in flow certain it's enough time for a long time means like me I use it 2 I take the tablespoons on a bucket of water and the color turns out about this how weakly brewed tea can even less saturated color and that's it.
  • 02:01: to strengthen action of phytosporin there is a very simple means hydrogen peroxide which I already have a lot of time you said but on a bucket of water one or two tablespoons hydrogen peroxide add to solution workers already diluted phytosporin per thousand time strengthens the action of this drug I read it when that American
  • 02:31: farmers for a long time use peroxide hydrogen in the fight against phytophthora as separately and so as part of analogues of our phytosporin, that is, them as I understand it phytosporin of our no, but analogies certain are here and I propose to all use here such a combination believe the action casparyan increases in many times verified repeatedly I spray myself plants and fruits and
  • 03:01: especially the land around plants because it is a pair of phytophthors it's a fungus that is in the ground here and under certain very rapidly multiplies and moves on to a plant so here so simple way you can protect our plants to all I recommend use phytosporin not in pure form and with the addition of peroxide hydrogen 3 percent can be used just peroxide
  • 03:32: hydrogen is also goes like wonderful remedy for phytophthora but I'll say it again as prevention and treatment to deal with already if the phytophthora how riotous at your sites certainly does not help Here already it is necessary either use copper vitriol well or bar board and mixture that is copper containing preparations here I too this was said in one of the videos here if you liked my today's video i I will be very glad
  • 04:03: I hope my such small useful advice will help many to save the harvest of tomatoes delay appearance phytophthors because fully prevent it emergence at the moment not possible yet scientists are still on this beating I also want to say that she is very OK spreads on produce bathrooms soils it is already It is proved and therefore before planting tomatoes i soil never from close
  • 04:33: that is not dolomite flour and so on, using only the hall he here so what do you mean get involved liming of soils especially before those cultures that are subject to late blight is not worth it but such small I decided to give you advice today give hope that it will be useful if you liked video put like and subscribe to my channel a productive garden with you were Tatiana
  • 05:04: all the best all rich harvests and all while for now