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  • 00:00: Today we will visit very distant planet pale eye-catching against the background of the dead vacuum the contemplation and Telescope is uranium very far cold world of the existence whom humanity does not I am guessing until the end eighteenth century the planet is so named by analogy with or rather with the neighboring terms of their mythological Saturn is the relationship Dad and Peter and uranium his grandfather but that He sees the first earth traveler know-how to fly up phlegmatic th neighbor
  • 00:36: Saturn space tourist finds rings around the planet Of course they are much poorer than Saturn Omsk yet their amount reaches 11 unique layers uranium is that it turns lying on its side likely it effects a long time ago happened scale clashes with object left the Uranium was supposed by dimensions exceed the land By the way this was the emergence of reverse circulation the planet around its axis Herculean the size of the ocean hydrogen and helium is
  • 01:06: the first thing that greeted Voyager on earth uranium so do not forget immerse yourself in a special suit right person embrace hellish cold because the the temperature is below cloud layer reaches minus 200 the degree indicator is not very distant from absolute zero minus 273 degrees travel on planet pretty long and boring it diameter fourfold larger than the Earth and is fifty one thousand one hundred twenty kilometers traveler waiting monotonous landscapes
  • 01:36: consisting preferably from pictures ice Ocean but most amazing at this gas giant due to the nature rotation and sunrises sunsets on uranium not have a competitor in solar system for duration if a tourist decided enjoy this enchanting spectacle it is better to fly one of the poles planet there he It will have time to be 42 as the day on uranium lasts exactly so many for twenty-one Earth year but bright very little star we
  • 02:06: We used to call the sun slowly crawling to the zenith then down horizon still so much same and minor size form understandable the distance from the sun previously abandoned World about 3 billions so kilometers year on uranium 84 Earth essentially average index of human life so that in this world Earthlings do not age will exceed one year and a year and 2 month person safely it could be considered but if long-lived holiday at the tourist limited to the
  • 02:36: world there are places where day shorter for example at the latitude of 60 degrees day and night It lasts only 28 30 years and latitude can boast some pathetic 14 years drop it Omsk days so amazing and unpredictable uranium even day in different places of the planet has different time frame admire lunar uranium can be the soul as their 27 Of course it's not 64 5 Roman but still there is something to look planets and satellites even Satan
  • 03:07: cold rather than at the drop it is dead worlds for millions of years in the silence circling in space Titanium is the biggest of them has a diameter about a thousand kilometers but did not attend recommended her temperature nearing minus 13 200 degrees from ice she is It turned creepy in cold hard mineral diamonds similarity leaving the uranium is not Remember to leave there to coin necessarily back to this fascinating world and necessarily
  • 03:37: follow us Knowledge and smite others ogromenny like a this will speed up video yield the following issues travel with us we discover the universe in a new way