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  • 00:00: Good day dear viewers channel newspaper grower video Summer is in full swing noticeably grew by beds and greenhouses our orchard culture swell berry black red currant blossomed flower beds but woke up and insects that Among those whom we
  • 00:30: call pests garden dangerous pests gardening the plants are 3 or gardeners called beach for and how to use it fight is on today we We will speak Europe is home to about thousands of types of glue some of them
  • 01:00: choose one certain host plant others may dwell a few to can merge on fruit trees on currants and gooseberries on roses on tomatoes and many other plants to It sucks the juice out top of shoots weakens them result of all affects yield for different types of summer give 10 to 17 generations of larvae
  • 01:31: into an adult for It turns over 78 days which gives already next generation wherein winged aphids are easy to move to new plants Of course nature He is taken care of and given our natural helpers in the fight against these greedy pest God ladybugs some types of wasps larvae of gold eye tit warblers beard and a linnet big
  • 02:02: pleasure eat this pest inside multiply so rapidly that protection process plants from intruders insects necessary we intervene gardeners find aphid colonies on plants is not difficult usually leaves at affected glue plants twisted so for defends himself surplus moisture and carbohydrates derived from the body 3 in the form of sugar secretions which are called party party love
  • 02:32: ants so there for where there sure ants by the way ants protect the colony glue brings them to other plants Well, where ants there is rarely to meet God cow How to deal with aphids Now stores you can buy many different chemical drugs that detrimental effect all life is including on aphids but the berries are already poured and when processing plants
  • 03:02: pesticides droplets necessarily get on berries on grass In addition we have for section walks pet so we will fight aphids folk remedies small tass filled with water add there for you a little bit of liquid soap you can spotlight Stir and perch
  • 03:40: top of twigs affected adhesive the basin but if you such as currants and tear off the head to a large not harm the plant only bring necessarily immediately burn patients sprigs well, then process the entire bush the same solution
  • 04:11: and several popular recipes soap solution cooking soap solution 300 grams economic or liquid soap dissolved in 10 liters water soap can rub on salt grated on suds
  • 04:43: 150,300 grams room and pour ten liters of hot water is brought to a boil and is added to a warm solution of 40 grams liquid soap tops potatoes green healthy tops 1 kg of potatoes and or 700 grams of dry topper finely chopped insist 3 chasa drain and sprinkle
  • 05:13: plants from 3 infusion of onions 200 grams of crushed bulbs and we Cheshi insist 10 liters water for 18 December hours drain spray plants low tide the infusion of garlic 200 grams of crushed heads of garlic insist in one
  • 05:43: a liter of water in a closed Capacity for five days spraying 25 milliliters to 100 I dissolved in 10 liters water infusion of the shoots pine take two kilos annual shoots pine bucket to pour top push week mix daily at application infusion diluted one 10
  • 06:13: it is necessary to spray plants so down side Leaf was good not wetted recommended year year process plot of the same solution even the most effective in pest occurs not addictive recommended carry out processing sunny or rainy weather rain can quickly solution and the sun can leave burns on plants but if you dear viewers
  • 06:45: in comments share your tested many recipes gardeners will be able to them use and can it thanks to you save your garden from uninvited and voracious guest I wish you good harvest and all the good and do not forget subscribe to our channel Grower newspaper video