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  • 00:00: Good day dear Gardeners with you I am glad Tatiana all welcome on your channel the yield on the garden today's video I I want to talk about you care tubers after fruiting since questions It comes to this topic lots of I decided to withdraw although a separate video already in some videos I repeatedly I cover this topic but I would still decided specifically remove this video to to tell how I take care of
  • 00:30: strawberries after bush from fruited on some even before still hang red berries in on separate bushes well that is in have respect I was over the whole be sure to crop the leaves all those who lie does not matter they healthy or Patients were circumcised first and I look as if there is even a bush top tier with signs of the disease there flyspecked in
  • 01:00: flecked here I be sure to crop the the leaves to that was not infection and pathogens while bush facilitated and well aired the there is also very such an important moment, especially now when rains are closer to the fall such prolonged the whether there is a bush will only favor of I do not fully foliage Cut here I often ask cut mowing Julia All leaves no celestia not Mow since
  • 01:31: plant is very Drain and all forces gives to recovery leaves instead of to lay the fruit Kidney next year because tab fruit Kidney is now going and closer to the fall, they spring as many of it is thought that As for fertilizing, I Now you tell about ammonia more detail because that while I I covered it but some videos questions I constantly ask some
  • 02:01: confused for feeding here I buy a look ammonia it is sold in small vials 40 to 50 milliliters of it all ok on both the vial and 100 of these large But for milliliters feeding more once per season in the including now, after I fruiting breed 2 tablespoons ammonia on 10 liters of water per season can be shed and 3 and 4 and 5 time that is desired
  • 02:33: Depending here state of the plant but when I spoke I breed a bottle 40 50 milliliters are he showed one Video of 10 liters water and also after fruiting in August somewhere approximately in the middle of I I shed at the root of this bush We have a struggle to pests ie do not confuse Please mod 2 tablespoons of this dressing you You can do for request as
  • 03:03: your plants but so if you have say a large bottle it will be half about if a small vial 40 to 50 milliliters of it a bottle 10 liters of water is like pest control especially with larvae May beetle believe me it means I'm just fine I have a lot of sex I received comments Thanks from subscribers who said that due to ammonia
  • 03:33: in alcohol this year they saved their bush against pests and We received a fine Harvest is very pleased receive such reviews I also fertilize green manure also that there is know when fruiting give enhanced fertilizer because in the first place I need a mustache for plant propagation it spends too a lot of effort and at the same time it is bookmark fruit buds on so next year after fruiting
  • 04:03: you can not throw it is necessary to plant enhance their under to feed something and green ammonia fertilizer alcohol 2 tablespoons 10 liters of water is how dressing and make sure the room If not passed, and then any potassium fertilizers including with potassium humate microelements which I have a few videos on Multicultural you I said here are basic moments I wanted to Care to tell
  • 04:33: after fruiting because many this question interests here so I hope that I answered you on your questions and made some this explanation over means 50 or 40 milliliters milliliters 10 liters of water I I do as prevention and means of struggle against pests about the middle August fall, I do not do it because it is still nitrogen
  • 05:03: It receives funds and in order not to cause was a stormy foliage growth and before winter so to speak plant well be yourself we feel and destroy many pests and also The same can be done early spring always under root ie leaves me in such concentration does not pour well here are two dining rooms spoons to 10 liters of water It can be poured and helpful that is, it leaves no but when the earth burns all dressing
  • 05:34: It should be moist because too often ask if you can watered before dressings be sure to all dressings We need to be watered land Well, that's probably all with regard to care Strawberry concerned all grades for there remontant little other care but I have already I said that's probably probably all that As for care after fruiting if enjoyed my current video and put the Huskies subscribe to
  • 06:04: yielding channel garden with you was Tatiana all in all all good rich until all crops till