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  • 00:00: [music] good afternoon dear subscribers and guests channel harvest on garden with water to give them I'm glad to everyone welcome oneself on the channel today's video it will be improvised peat tablets which can be done own hands I'll show you two option as possible make a replacement peat tablets this way our improvised peat pills are
  • 00:30: from nonwoven material of thin and this is smeared first option improvised in peat tablets own hands I propose to do from thin nonwoven material is 30 number size of a piece to us need about 10 centimeters wide and centimeters 15 length we put in right side of a piece one two dining rooms
  • 01:01: spoons of soil in this I have a land mix good fertile soil with kitchen garden and a little bit coconut substrate for looseness that there will be a tablet but from heavily where compressed because that basically such tablets we will disembark small seeds and soil should not be too tight now I turn the bottom edge I shift the earth code
  • 01:32: will be here on the top edge and already bend down this one true edge and turn off at the same time fold tightly enough is this improvised peat tablet I got as where did it go? just a few seconds and unlike peat tablets composition is the one the soil which you consider it necessary this case I have very good there 1st soil for looseness
  • 02:02: I added a little coconut substrate I do not like use peat tablets only for the reason that there is a clean top he has a very increased acidity and sprouting which appear quite well in such peat tablets then feels himself very depressed so i prefer make such improvised peat tablets own hands another big plus such pictures of them tablets made
  • 02:33: own hands this is what they are absolutely free soil you can take vegetable slices which I used it pieces already had ear that is, which we or we throw out either cut already into small chunks because in general he already somewhere and I had enough and came to a greater parts to be unusable in last season me the idea came up to make such peat pills using bandage or gauze most often I
  • 03:03: I use to drink and buy at the same time the cheapest of which can make enough A lot of those improvised peat tablets for this I cut the benz on pieces also somewhere there may be 12 15 centimeters long and by the same principle [music] I put one blow 2 tablespoons of soil here on the right edge and I am priming the soil
  • 03:50: tucking lightly from the bottom I'm dense turn off our improvised peat tablet such a peat and tabletochka me you can get it also sparkle that is, give more such a compact form and here please not at all worse peat tablets with us I got a pill
  • 04:20: made by themselves the advantage of this peat tablets in that then it is not necessary distract seedlings in another some capacity the roots are beautiful germinate through gauze that is, you can directly this lump planted either in soil or to a large The capacity for this tabletto I landed on several plants and together with gauze was planted ground gauze cotton
  • 04:50: and therefore decomposes very quickly also very good at such improvised peat tablets sow and lobelia nutrition in the past I want you showed how such improvised nonwoven tablets of the material I seed la la la belle vue lobelia beautiful oneself felt in such tablets if you I liked my today's video is not forget to put like and subscribe to my channel harvest
  • 05:21: on the contrary with you was tatyan to all good to all excellent mood in rich harvests and all bye bye [music]