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  • 00:00: Hello offer you an overview interesting engine which in the first I called his video eternally true to proviso herein that they have eternal lack of sense sources of energy just resource it smooth operation It is not less than century since what are he turns hilarious which rotates ask you and all
  • 00:30: the secret is that the faces a rotor made of between photocells these two coils each photocell outputs got Volt in direct sunlight the light of truth on previous video is not Now the sun is not shines rotor none less rotating fairly quickly as the is it's all friends
  • 01:03: magnetic case suspension that stick out himself other than the levitating bearings with a full absence of friction true fulcrum this case without it did at least one should force acting on it is less than one gram
  • 01:30: and the frictional force here generally negligible so for rotation he does not need sunlight as well as bright day is sufficient that was simply not dark night I have enough time and conventional ceiling if the lighting for window is dark on photocells at this unit millivolt can night still applies Currently it lamplight
  • 02:00: incandescent 100 watts and is she approximately 1 meter if it engine and keep on the window sill it It will rotate even at dusk with the onset of your dark natural stops at dawn when the first beam rising sun gild drag tree tops engine wakes up at all if you get better cars people
  • 02:30: He unwound so the wind whistles If we substitute in the ear Friends is the engine not so useless pieces here I have impeller pushed onto the shaft and we look rotates
  • 03:00: I thought it was a she and now I'm blowing you I take a piece of show from the Latin moves you want to space take a piece of foil and she was there too
  • 03:30: formational wind in this way perform this engine some good work on I honestly not even counted in the manufacturing toy hot fan sunny day can even cool face in bright sunshine Well let me give you
  • 04:00: I tell more details of his device 4-stroke engine in the first two cycles power is supplied to a first winding and the second turn then when you turn is reversal again 1 and 2 reversal is automatically thanks to the light falls on the one
  • 04:30: on the other hand sides respectively shadow in this way is switching fun commuting element c I have a secret I tell only difficulty when manufacture may occur balancing it It must be so carefully to dream none of the parties do not outweigh alone
  • 05:00: do this immediately train hard if do not do it engine will only output but I began to shaking balancing effect not only symmetry weight but irregularity magnetization ring magnets on the perimeter although she is small nevertheless upon set speed mobile systems
  • 05:30: can log in resonance own fluctuations magnetic system as the system Circle it can I like to swing just burns so fall off take it issue with all seriously irregularity magnetization compensated rotating magnets relative they are my friend see porn No wonder they are paired
  • 06:01: done can still in to some extent compensate find a position only when which is irregularity is the least expressed SUV support I did from PTFE. Stick on a glass end killed by small cut steel rod rounded and polished
  • 06:33: the previous video He was imprisoned under cone and relied directly Glass now decided for the sake of the experiment try this option not to too lazy to even think greatly reduce although it was not so Swords seemingly will not limit perfect if years later twenty thirty Teflon rub
  • 07:00: to the holes and the rotor will rest against the glass likewise be continue to work It is not much affect abilities the stator consists of only magnet So he arranged forms of Ahriman today revealed that only one I tried to put 2 the opposite the end of additionally I did not win much
  • 07:30: I noticed any meaning us magnet dimensions and the distance to the rotor in this case are Best failure magnet zoom rotation slows due to the inhibitory the effect of winding it It is already beginning to work overload eddy currents brake here and so
  • 08:04: my friends under favor engine that nothing can but you can move move it but if you put it to the desktop somewhere in the office certainly cause all very minimum will attract when to hold such pet one fun hike live no name
  • 08:32: my life is not nothing He asks pleasing to the eye so make Friends to whom it interesting for everyone forces links to magnets I will provide a photocell in the description I wish you all good luck who put the Huskies liked sign up I still have a lot of interesting DIY to