HAND-MADE ARTICLES BY DIY # 1 EASTER how to make a support the RABBIT under Easter eggs with own hands from paper!

HAND-MADE ARTICLES BY DIY # 1 EASTER how to make a support the RABBIT under Easter eggs with own hands from paper!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, hello to you channel hand made and we start preparing for Easter today I suggest make this the original stand for Easter eggs proceed to this end print to the leaves 4 here is a template link to it is in description to the video also to us need cardboard take the cardboard and our template and paste them among themselves and give slightly dry after the paper dried up
  • 00:31: cut out the hare and this stand I cut out the hare and podstavku now need a little decorate our bunny for this I took watercolor pencil and if you do not have such pencils you can use conventional colored or paints in blue pencil hatched our bunny all but eyes nose tooth and here these centers in the ears now let's take pink pencil and
  • 01:01: hatched [music] take cotton or sponge and a little we conduct the So [music] [music] then you need to take black felt-tip pen and circle all black
  • 01:31: lines in order to they became more bright now it remains to decorate here this pick up we take hare for a while in take the side pink pencil and hatched this one tummy in blue pencil hatched all the rest is just roses crochets on the draw tail and with this the parties are also exactly the same circle all black lines in order to
  • 02:01: they seemed brighter now take our bunny and the reason for this dotted line we will make a fold these lines also dotted we will make plums with fire is also this triangle back hold your finger in one and the other side
  • 02:33: in order to make our sheet more extensive and give it a rounded form now run this triangle down here and these parts are glued here here from behind combining like this the tail is also this triangles need fix here here below with glue
  • 03:03: stand for Easter egg is now ready will try use it to we take egg lay down here gardens bunny as you can see she is very stable stands and is original I look, I hope what did you do make such a stand and this video channel for you useful like it subscribe to my there is a lot there interesting and cognitive master classes before new meetings so far till