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  • 00:00: [music] respected gardeners and gardeners matchmakers Tatyana of all welcome to its harvest channel on today's vegetable garden video it will be about very interesting and effective means care for seedlings with using this simple means your seedling will be look healthy she will not is subject to illness and it will grow the briefing will focus on hydrogen peroxide
  • 00:30: the last year I told you told about wonderful properties of peroxide hydrogen and how it is has a beneficial effect on the plant is in last year I spent a lot tests associated with hydrogen peroxide and you can safely it recommend for care and steam which is not line and here today want to share with by you one more application of peroxide need which will allow you without problems grow strong and healthy and strong spending and
  • 01:00: get wonderful plentiful crop I want to tell you that a solution of peroxide hydrogen in the ratio of which I you always recommend 2 tablespoons on liter of water in its composition is approximate and while the snow that is to and thawed water to rainwater as this is known as water possesses life-giving properties but in our difficult ecological time we can not always find pure snow or for example, clean
  • 01:31: rainwater a hydrogen peroxide is very easily accessible solution that I think there is everyone and that's how once with hydrogen peroxide and You can do this wonderful solution which will have a beneficial effect on our race after watering solution of seedlings or sprinkling of seedlings is changing literally through several hours on the next day of his just do not know its brine even those seedlings which only
  • 02:01: You transplanted you can boldly water it solution I assure you that this is works better every stimulate year i conducted experiment and part seedlings I grew a field only water solution from hydrogen peroxide that is once again I want say two dining rooms spoons of peroxide of hydrogen three percent per 1 liter of water that is instead of each watering I watered it solution most of the seedlings I grew up ordinary way and I want to say something
  • 02:32: seedlings that fluctuated only solution of water with hydrogen peroxide in one and a half to two grew faster was more powerful with saturated green foliage and large as a result harvest and that's it. I decided you tell about it his experiment, then have a successful experience and I hope my today's recommendations will help you have no problem in grow beautiful strong siege and get rich
  • 03:02: expression discs the composition of peroxide hydrogen h2 from someone there is a atomic oxygen which is strong oxidizer that is, it destroys all pathogens microflora and at the same time time sates plant plant cells oxygen by my observation such a composition works great on growth and development all plants include seedlings that we only dive and adult plants here
  • 03:32: this is a seedling eggplants and peppers were divulged the day before yesterday here at me seedlings of tomatoes Which was unlocked just a few days ago stage 2 cotyledons leaflets all watering from the moment pickings I carried out water with addition hydrogen peroxide is there is this year I my seedlings will be water only this solution when a plant grow up maybe I I will combine
  • 04:02: but here at an early stages me completely arranges as leads yourself seedling as she itself is beautiful feels and how she the field grows rapidly only solution adding peroxide hydrogen me stand liter pot I take her two dining rooms spoons of peroxide hydrogen and this through syringes I water the seedlings field I'm about
  • 04:34: somewhere in two or three times the day field a little overflow undesirable, that is the land must be always slightly damp and when you see earth pieces dries up but not yet completely dry then Jesus these watering clear I do not I can give on frequency irrigation because amount of land has a large temperature value the environment the composition of the earth therefore here already as they say see define
  • 05:05: on the city ​​can just a finger touch the ground if you feel that the earth to dry out means watered also want say that one or two once a week with the same solution I I spray all over sprouts it goes and saturation oxygen leaves are transformed they become greener than that is seen that the plants feel fine and plus all this disinfects there is especially this is relevant for such cultures, for example tomatoes it goes beautiful
  • 05:35: wonderful prevention phytophthora I gave it to you this year recommendations on spraying seedlings and many who tried this method or very satisfied they wrote to me numerous reviews but here we are, we you did not say something is there last year I conducted such tests and that's it. I really want many of you have grown a wonderful great newsletter therefore safely I recommend watering and sprinkle solution with peroxide hydrogen and you look what marvelous
  • 06:05: wonderful seedlings from you will also grow several subscribers asked how you managed for this short term will grow beautiful huge celery he was swimming pool 21 January today in the yard 16 February and see really how strong is he grew secrets again is simply a matter of peroxide solution hydrogen, that is sprouting moment i watered celery only this solution and see what marvelous result if someone
  • 06:36: doubts miraculous properties of solutions in water from peroxide hydrogen then you can to conduct an experiment and a part of the seedlings grow way and some water only solution with hydrogen peroxide and literally through two or three weeks I more than sure muzhik feel a huge The difference is throwing and so I'm with pleasure with you today shared with such a secret for growing seedlings I hope this method you really like it if you I liked my
  • 07:07: today's video is not forget to put like and subscribe to my channel harvest on and share with friends social networks with you were Tatiana all the best all their hair is respected and all while for now [music]