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  • 00:00: pattern of chess from embossed lush I'll start the posts display from Aces chains of fifteen air loops horizontal Repeat this pattern 6 loops but quantity pizzas or initial chain should be fold, why do you understand porsche I do air loop knit 2 row without cape
  • 00:31: everything is very simple here billets I see in the first row linked one row columns without crochet second row also knit columns without crochet it's like two y transfer us preparatory a number that is the second row also knit columns without crochet here tied the second row also in columns without a crochet now
  • 01:01: start the third where we will knit embossed curvaceous bars for starters make three bars without a crochet 1 2 3 4 and press relief curvaceous posts where we want them We knit them by knitting above the posts first row here are three bars retreat over the fourth column
  • 01:31: first row we will knit lush column make накид we enter a hook under the column of row 1 this way we take out a string the column must be not very high then there is we about here on the height of knitting can be a little bit higher once again, and pull out the thread from here and two times total draw
  • 02:03: thread in general it is possible and more it's enough here such a relief a magnificent column with us was also knitting 2 more bars that is we introduce a hook under column 1 row pull out the thread cape pull and fix the magnificent a column and one more pull out the cape
  • 02:34: stretch that is pull out the thread twice such are not very lush columns here at we are three magnificent we tied the column Now here we are skip three we are knitting more three bars without накида 1 2 3 5 we are knitting 3 lush columns on the first
  • 03:08: number of uzorchik in general very simple less looks interesting also skip three and at the end
  • 03:39: row we knit 3 posts without a crochet now let's understand what we have work here you see that repeat the pattern on 6 loops are typed a multiple of three let's say i want make edges symmetric then you need to dial number number loops multiple of ravine
  • 04:11: the desired quantity reports plus 3 if Do you want to asymmetric location then simply by the number the loop will be a multiple of 6 so the detachment was tied up next row we we knit simply columns without crochet and columns above we have their three bars without nakida and 3 columns without overstock over lush columns
  • 04:42: so in general it's up to the end of the row is knitted Only posts without cape all purl rows these are the simple ones just posts without cape without tricks Repeat this pattern vertically is four rows in in general, actually 2
  • 05:12: but since we we have bars relief staggered order then it turns out 4 years and now we knit raised bumps Here at once from the beginning number of because we want arrange chessboard all all the same two times stretch thread and slope a column without a crochet 2 fixed twice
  • 05:47: pull out the thread 2 fix the column further over the magnificent column on which we knit in the third row we knit billets without cake 3 column without crochet then again lush
  • 06:17: stakes as you can see here here we are , firstly the very beginning of the series began to knit lush bricks more let's see how we lick them at the end series here, too, in general that is, one interest interesting nuance now i will get to end of the row in this row we will have group 3 lush columns on three then here's the central
  • 06:48: over the magnificent knit ordinary billets and at the very end of the series
  • 07:18: also we knit three column and where here are the first 2 in general it is clear where to knit 2 we also knit from here this is the last third knit directly from edge column
  • 07:48: there's very extreme this way all even rows of knitting just bars here so here is such beauty we get it but as he sees this drawing but already on more solid to us samples that is, what these Let's see
  • 08:19: lush posts they Here are some convex ones turn out soft pleasant back side is obtained almost smooth here you can only see these are the dashes in then in those places where we knit curvy bumps in relief the face is like this the pattern is rather dense no matter how many are there no holes raised bumps
  • 08:49: they are based on therefore no holes there is no resource the pattern is dense well naturally therefore suitable for diverse in Generally warm things well, the furnace caps children's rugs any woman clothes male but in general warm and looks very interesting and other than that, I think so this pattern is good
  • 09:21: will look combination with simple knit suppose here columns without crochet or bars with накидом and what that's here places can be performed here such here relief pillars lush one can say with using such posts if you have here is the main canvas on top of posts without can be such lush columns create some figurines here for example
  • 09:52: jump to tie here only so will rhombic stripes to do, that is, any patterns in combination with smooth cloth a this will be to look spectacular gives a flight of fantasy as well as here loin knitting where are the filled cells are not filled actually very it seems like you can change as a horizontal
  • 10:22: and vertical single report that the vertical the airport can be changed for two rows Here is such a height high bars they really will to cling more than here are short and you can change the report horizontally that is, there to do 2 there is 45 and the amount is columns of magnificent and the amount of smooth
  • 10:52: smooth part between them, that is, some Here patterns can be create subscribe to my channel in order not to skip new I have a lot of videos ideas so that ahead you are waiting for a lot interesting successes to you and lungs petticoat