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  • 00:00: Hello everyone we will tie you up great and amazing beautiful plaid which I called
  • 00:31: tatians why why what did our young master of named after Tatiana I can tell right away those who start themselves sting and says that I not yet experienced and will begin frightened but will start say that I have not Experienced and I do not yet know how I can not be for such big things brother Tatiana was once knitted
  • 01:01: but from crochet I knew that there was cantilevered column column without crochet and air chain somehow did not get carried away 1 and decided to do just like this great thing and the result is say amazingly then we knit from Here is such a yarn she is usually sold at
  • 01:33: markets in such their posts rewind with help of our loved ones or so as not to bore them just take ordinary tablet turn up feet put on the yarn on three legs and easily rewind why I speak easily because that she herself constantly this is exactly how Dilara so let's go fucking
  • 02:05: connected from squares small asymmetric drawing begin as usual with air ring loops we sew 6 loops and chak then we introduce a hook into first loop grab a thread and drag
  • 02:36: hooks through this loop and that the loop that we have is on the hook Thus, we closed ringlet and do next 3 loops for lifting 3 tabs for rise and begin knit our drawings in a chain of
  • 03:06: air loops we we untying 15 billets all of them must be 16 but we have one the column is considered our chain of 3 air loops a further we change a thread further about the thread I
  • 03:37: I will not speak because the drawing this is your decision already i I will tell on this drawing and so change the thread and we sew 3 air loops for lifting and further under between two columns without crochet in the same place where we have it
  • 04:07: loops for lifting we untying 2 more column with sc let's skip two post from the previous series and in between third and fourth we unfasten and three more bastion let's skip two post the cusp of the previous series and we unite three bastion between the third and the fourth from the hook and
  • 04:39: etc we finish to the end and last one last your fagot connect to the first cushion this series exactly same as we ourselves connected the ringlet here we have happened connected ring then take another thread and start
  • 05:10: tie up here we already have These are the sort of cop bushes of three a column with a crochet and we begin tie up between them from gap for so that the tail at once did not stay with us we we take and add no glasses, two we bind this here is the tip where are we in your
  • 05:40: this is how the Truman then they go to knitting and so we bind between three bastion air loop No, here without buttonhole before air loop and in next gap again three bars with the next the gap we make three bars with
  • 06:10: on the cushion of 3 air loops and again three bastion this in order to was formed with us corners tied up Thus, we do means one of us corners two such here bush then one goes dice without repetitions then in
  • 06:42: next gap again two of these here we do that is three column with a crochet 2 air loops and again three bars with at the same interval next gap we are doing just 3 the next two times three the next three columns and in next two times on three bars that is from our round picture is now clear a square was formed next row we
  • 07:15: we will not knit all square as you see we will bind only two sides of square 2 the following figure in next floor when we will change color and we tie here two number of One color is as follows 2 rows we also we bind only
  • 07:45: two sides of a square those who were tied up previous and then in at the end we tie white thread strictly according to the drawing the whole series the whole square is all here such squares we are with by you and will do when we tied 4 square you
  • 08:15: it is necessary to solve here How you will be disposition these squares will they have everything to you in the middle side directed or how you will be at their center to identify well Tatyana took this is this drawing united all directed them to center and her
  • 08:46: are now obtained by 4 square pictures and it's very, very cute here look alternate pink squares blue on there is option to knit all this is all the squares and then start them sew well I do not know someone more like to do one
  • 09:16: and the same and then go to another as would those who then like to see its of work if you will be stitch together Here and so in square with 4 square and then imposes further others squares then you will be as though you will see what are you done already and what you need how much do you need
  • 09:46: immediately warn what can there is a dangers of impatience as quickly as possible To finish well it already you choose yourself and so you made up from small The squares are large in who were drawing to center square tied up joined sewn them how to sew I will show and you get here
  • 10:18: such a small blanket next you decide what length and what width should be Tatiana has this big plaid and here she licked it is here on such a bed period from the shaft gradually and periodically tried on It turns out
  • 10:48: very small squares much you can see gradually it increases grows and grows and finally we obtain a here it is even shown how we sew together we take a string of the same colors that we tied up and here thus the edge I sew the edges already showed in one
  • 11:21: video like this you can do it look great plaid blue as stitched squares for that so that we stretch it all out video and you to get here this big and beautiful plaid after you all sewed everything together and you do not get not everywhere we say so
  • 11:52: flat squares especially in the not experienced knitters and at the junction The squares are obtained how would unevenly yes take and bind all the delirium of one series drawings of the main our this aligns the rug and will edge very
  • 12:23: good and uniform then before they enjoy steer because no matter how beautifully the drawing looked steaming gives softness of shape and plaid will look like yours even better is this beautiful thing we have with you turned out and I I think that it will be able to do even the most our inexperienced
  • 12:54: girls and so Dare at you all It turns out and if there will be questions ask them in comments and I will answer them or look more one more time in detail in the video with blue plaid bios is not white squares which is very very detailed all told, I wish you have success who to whom
  • 13:25: liked to put huskies and subscribe to our the channel will still be very a lot of interesting bye Bye