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  • 00:00: I'm fat and Dmitry Anatolevich reflexologist I am doing this for more 20 years reflexology as a science intended for restoration lost functions body tissues enforcement structures systems of life body parts on Today at we have a massive ness diseases it becomes the disease spine and back the main reason a load that a person received during his
  • 00:31: of life on These loads can be natural such mental exercise and the urban man In most cases This sedentary life static load as a result of long sitting is deformation spine its structure systems as a result there are diseases and pain today day traditional medicine common medicine course addresses these issues but how and what to let
  • 01:02: think It offers many all kinds of painkillers tablets shots well, what they do result of a long regular decision painkillers is directly destruction of nerve tissues just standing wonder whether it can do still view towards the eradication of reasons that lead in Bol the next option is all manner of extension for to pull out the fabric which is located along the spine
  • 01:32: It is understood in What is the state of these I found the fabric if they have stretched it further can pull only worsen the situation is one of results forming spine a hernia which is now 4 found not in every second man and now here situation very interesting to the majority of hernias can live long and happily but hernia intervertebral Disc afraid only devoid of the case when they correspond size and overlook
  • 02:02: it toward spinal cord but it is very rare where it no longer two of the then This case may be and talk about surgery but again, when under is threatened namely spinal tissue of the brain the presence of hernia is not an indication for operational the intervention of the game and low back pain and pain it is quite parallel phenomenon somehow made decide what hernia is source of pain nothing like this Besides there are other structures and systems in
  • 02:32: spine around He has the same soft connective tissue which in most cases are sources of pain and enough to remove cramps and ethics in these tissues and the pain will go away is not be confused hernia and pain are two different things existing pain It can be removed as a symptom can be removed pharmaceutical pharmacological drugs pills in sleeves but it is necessary to take only time because not a single cola or one tablet It does not remove the causes of
  • 03:02: pain and as already we know the cause It is in spasm most cases but if removed on time is over then after a while she appears again that requires again further decision some drugs in our ancestors, too have been the same had the same hernia same violations of internal bodies functional violation of work parts of the body structure systems are not of of life but they did not have pills injections and there doubt that he
  • 03:33: removed hernia What techniques were not treated the everlasting In some nations it It called massage to the east is the same acupressure Shiatsu massage Shiatsu or how much the same right technique existed among the Slavs smart technique in Slavs are not There is an analogy in the world is the impact through the abdomen to internal organs with the purpose of taking away spasms, and edema directly into intestines in the stomach It called it visceral
  • 04:04: chiropractic or other name Old Slavonic Massage is not the point are different and that without tablets and without operations need to directly Eliminated which leads to painful state tissue destruction to violation functional of internal enforcement structure systems is here life and This makes it easy exposure and hands that, in principle, implied practiced in reflexology today therapeutic methods massage them Alex therapy
  • 04:34: not common systematized me 20 now more than twenty s technique reflexology as a recovery lost functions body tissues structures it helps eliminate or it only helps It eliminates the pain from violations from the destruction of tissues and bodies without tablets and without operations