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Brovchenko's family. How to pickle meat and fat for smoking. Recipe of marinade.  See details »

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  • 00:00: this delicious recipe like bird meat and bacon is this marinade we filmed this friends asked for them in guests here and asked shoot so the movie will be Ukrainian-Russian here so it turned out people tell me and I do not I can say for sure what proportions are there pepper let's assume that there is still recipe other than salt salt is there clearly what type of liter is specified how much salt is there but from the video you will see
  • 00:30: opel. there's a lot I think that for themselves each mistress every host to know what he likes more and more reason and less than 5 Shona and there it will already be possible do it but here's what we managed to shoot we will show hope what you like and come to the pickle marinade consists and bastard onluq condiment seasoning for words for fat memory peas look
  • 01:02: Murom shock such pairs salt sugar Kursk movie skilki but it turns out on how many salt theme we are at 6 dmitry a glass of salt cathedral sugar tastes also to the taste and this she worth marinating 15:15 115 this is a marinade for smoked fat in 15 hours
  • 01:34: lard is put on you and after boiling cook for 20 minutes and not after patience 20 men are cooking in marinade in which was marinated lard then pulled into a bowl and then we would see smoking process then before start making lard it is necessary pull it out of marinade
  • 02:04: at the bottom of the bed, or another pan on but compulsorily sprigs of fruit trees for so that it does not burnt a pair of pancake Qatar ribs to the ribs lie down before filling the fat and then just a puddle salam for what so is done from I so I understand that the fat is not was not boiled burnt for this purpose we are guys want for k birds are compulsory buy more and ribs two points on the bottom
  • 02:35: twigs large over it does not work out the fat did not fall apart meat to boil water temperature and bottom more more until it boils completely meat already starts to happen asala from above will start to cook only after the water will boil it turns out and she does not such a masochku came running