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  • 00:00: first channel a.a Today in our program the senile dementia 4 pages protest actions require payment basic Here we have those who are engaged in the police a in fact, 90 percent of women it's not all Svetlana Savitskaya
  • 00:37: with what problem to be complex then the problem is not the best he as reported by Unian to full-fledged sex with your husband fully recollect lenin 116 eugene pimenov in this regard, I want to say thank you because Russian women are not at all sure what after forty-five years with love It is necessary to tie up and close your sector
  • 01:07: day of physiology of the female body weaved that at this age really dry does not become the mucous membrane by the way everything and before our eyes too why know here you are a woman know why men are certainly changing hormonal background dervise I would like leave when it is connected with that that the level of female genital hormones squandered
  • 01:37: they make the mucous membranes wet here you are know we brought here this makeup this dry exit is a try training it's impossible so that gives us the derby simple genes these links to this where inhabitants in the truest sense of the word brazilian kaka literally there will not be that is position right here like this women before the onset of Delivery 45 years
  • 02:09: are produced in huge quantities they make our judges important shiny beautiful a criminal case must be what you give us female sex hormones and children details in the publication indicates availability is correct because if in this before that correct collection provides an opportunity normal protection is normal function how to do it but it is so but this post is
  • 02:40: a way that suits in fact it is very similar to Oddly enough, the previous problem because this age is the age when it arrived a little bit, but the reason the first if the problem is in your hormones that you should determine what we have them correctly yes the first position is to pass the analysis for women sex hormones if you have few if these changes occurred the doctor will prescribe you these hormones in tablets
  • 03:11: or there is a second option, I'll ask to us now such as getting out of situations were brought to court old men that is, going to the doctor look if there is a shortage of female sex hormones new appointees tablets Council of the second female
  • 03:42: with such problems even without them must crotch any command with olive oil and still there are special substances they are called any country or humidifiers which we can simply use even if you did not go to the doctor simply met with a loved one and then this heavy finally the last problem Today there are Kremlin led by gennady
  • 04:12: female sex hormones that can appoint a doctor and you will also feel I do not know It will not before be a place wherever enjoys sharing food for the Austrians loved one no problem on the other hand for Russia in the language of the law could not
  • 04:42: but you know that this year it is necessary a lot knows how much time 43 For the first time in 43 years, only begins with a Russian women 30 percent tells about his opportunities for the the only thing I agree on for issuing which the and we really want to note
  • 05:12: But such inconvenient questions as what to be They were not heavy So we have the first guests first question I'm only 25 years old I can not really practice implementation of because I was not told what please tell me this is normal how do you feel recognition
  • 05:42: normal then what is who thinks that this is not normal I think it's okay to the word "gentle" the original of any of our viewers invite us here and bring us all necessary for explain what is happening girls 25 years old
  • 06:21: if she told me 40 or we would not even apply dmitry nikolaev how do you think than there can be problems here is your point of view but I think that some kind of human own way but by the end of the week or all the same it's an ideological judge I do not know what to say m woman 25 years of huge problems in having sex what do doctors think about in the same second from the point of view of volost
  • 06:53: when and on which or more often the socket neurological problem one of the problems which quite obviously comes in head in such situations women Having such a feature that when they often problems in this part of our skeleton which we we call the coccyx cat is this little guests but with the help of little rolling stock is attached here to this powerful education which reserve so here it is
  • 07:23: let's see if I hardly have such a segment passport is a part for six years but how are we Another one at each level of each house vertebrae of your style and comes out spinal and here spinal the position of the nerves that normalizes he said, should conduct internal but the proud is contained in a small the pelvis is what they are first of all he threw a woman securities of shares of bonds and therefore they decided
  • 07:55: so do not sometimes you are not yet a major fall on board man fell in abstract he ate Yanukovych returned obama to the white house building became wrong this in itself is not enough to attend an event which simply causes pain but the suffering in this case will be wild whole nerves but I think next year for the title an honorary legion tine isolating our plans area The perineum can lead to such a kind of problems since we are now shogenov
  • 08:25: buy something that since the bandit to most women regiments will land in this suit like this such a colossal fall the number of women does not care d touches the soft spot almost sure that nothing terrible no, but in fact at this moment can not it turned out that in kupchino chamber We sat for the moment at The footsteps fall for a while You will not be able to cheer yourself week two
  • 08:55: the normal project will be restored places but immediately touches on this wrong position 1 sometimes can come a state which our guests are asking us so our answer is not normal but is it possible to help such a person no how do you think that look the actor returned the inner that we do leonid chernovetsky return it to its place you can do it or not who thinks dmitry nikolaevich you can therefore need
  • 09:25: proceed from please please project this you will do rate is one of those procedures that he had to do, he could understand why a small avenue and yes it is in the ordinary mobilization as we call it the index finger of the right hand rotating one pass it's done mobilization is so-called only already returned wrong position is often even we do not see a bright change position
  • 09:56: the staff is not big but it is sometimes enough to manipulate pedestrian in the truest sense of the word return to the place Mom advised to be done X-ray examination if you have this think Michael Yunkov chicago need to return the coccyx in place then all but there are very few such patients but without resorting to it, but also the EU refer to this fall on a soft spot very often we do not care for
  • 10:26: health of residents Thanks you