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  • 00:00: welcome all who I went to my channel I'm Makeyev Galina and our present conversation will they say there is dedicated Malden using that we put structure on the pitch and colors of the leaves foamirana Now before you muzzle that I already acquired ready-made they are sold as a
  • 00:30: Typically in stores needlework and intended for with cold china plastics and foamirana quite suitable only what should pay account when you buy ready pier is how it have here are as a bulging portion Typically we press sheet horizontally position and we are very
  • 01:00: it is important that the sheet even that is structure was seen but the veins We had here such here sharps because when applying hot foamirana and punching happens that sharp parts foamiran breaks so if you have the option of pay attention to the fact that not it was strong
  • 01:30: bulging sharp parts foamirana choose young clearly traced veins and well expressed structure because so good will look your list how well will visible from and the intricacies of the sheet they say yes there are different whichever with a flower or
  • 02:01: sheet made they imprint transmission structure leaf and petal respectively, but I have here an example Mold simulates leaf milkweed is Universal sheet and he can used to shaping sheets tulips lily and so on that is the leaves are
  • 02:31: have here are longitudinal veins here this muzzle that I I use for creation all kinds of orchids and can they used for the petals pressed Rose's is universal lily petal daylilies and other lily flowers groups here such here fashion designed
  • 03:03: they are for alstroemeria but it is possible and crocus on them pressing the muzzle but there is a great they have one drawback they are sufficiently expensive so if you have you the opportunity purchase course it solves a lot of but if issues finances do not allow and it is not always necessary and they say you are available so today I
  • 03:33: will tell you how you can Molds to make their the first group of hands moldov that I I would like today talk this shot with the muzzle natural leaves that is, when in the summer enough green and options for selection needed structure we can take a leaf and a live his press on plastic itself
  • 04:05: frosting or Bake in result, we we get a good impression that then can use for I work this leaf frustrated November, when it Foliage was didst and to ensure that it does not lost their fortress that was to plump on the back side He has done more the amount of adhesive in pva
  • 04:35: I turned fairly good wolf if we do it attempt to overcome structure I have I show that it is we can use it to work hold testing and how behave foamiran during the spin cycle on natural leaves fortified whom I I warm up foamiran and now squeeze it on a piece of vein Ole
  • 05:07: . certainly much less than professional mundi but would still like to In order for you to see I will take the structure of wax crayon and Draw it as you can see the veins see small I lived glasses too visible and optionally
  • 05:37: this piece is quite may be used as an ox if leaf street you could not be found outside the snow it is quite possible refer to bay leaf here is a bay I think a leaf there on the farm in every kitchen for to his necessary to use soak for an hour half to leaf a little engorged water and become more
  • 06:08: plastic and then his dry and on it directly can produce print this method I Apply at manufacturing if puansetii fun you can look at my channel master class City upon leaves Ponseti push-ups in the including the laurel sheet but about the school and laurel sheet but may have among you there These seaming
  • 06:38: I took a leaf out jars of pickles like usually in jar cucumbers we We roll up the most best leaves pretty neat without damage it currant cherry leaf sometimes I add oak ie leaves Dry the a leaf we may well with him Taking Impressions We do prints
  • 07:08: can both self frosting weight For example here, these I was doing on the muzzle cold porcelain which was making itself or use bake at purchase weight how to make the muzzle of cold porcelain its own I'm cooking detail told to Master-class consider petal Hippeastrum in an extreme case there is the most curable
  • 07:39: mass or purchase Cured weight of the you can resort to to himself The easy way is salt, flour and salt we mix in the flour ratio of one to one that is for example in a glass flour Only a glass of salt I draw your attention the salt should be taken very small time structure of the dough is more uniform
  • 08:10: smooth and natural Volga that we Blind from this mass will be more of the pharynx After you Combine flour and salt in the proportions add water add it gradually to not to pour the the dough should have should be soft well after cling you have it prepare and put it under cloth to a little salt sold out minutes later 15-20 but you
  • 08:41: variable and it is already possible and then roll out applied to the structure in order to apply structure here already imprint not quite fit because the dough is not very good It takes over You can search impressions applied by needles or pieces cardboard and then give some structure cheers you want
  • 09:11: represent such this one's big could I have done for so you can pressing the tab poppy that is put large lobe of his wring out and get interesting structure for example, we are now with you here on this Molde who mimics equity the location of these veins such as whether table and plantain will test a we print
  • 09:41: get to this molten Warms Farmer impose it on the form and wring horoshenechko like this fingers to all deepening steel noticeable but in order to test how come we take to bed and so here spend as you see
  • 10:11: leaf turned very interesting and may well be used for color I actually disadvantages These Molde to the fact that firstly dries such events almost week because thickness and decent salt has feature absorb moisture from Air therefore I almost a week driers
  • 10:41: but he turned the Now I can work this Malden and lack of is his fragility as you see already here we are with him With a little work and have already gone cracks that there as an extreme Alternatively, you can use but very practical Well, another kind moldov want you show this using
  • 11:12: wire as they say yes then I have taken plastic, or can be take cardboard I glued two strips double-sided scotch sliced wire and and bending it became shape and sheet structure ie the whole of the all leaf veins lined form slips Now we are
  • 11:43: and heat the foamiran try to overcome leaf and see a result we get to this elementary Molde all horoshenechko Now go through your fingers I have a little bit he went not center lay as sticky tape very much a little
  • 12:13: but neither the stick less The structures if we are and and we prorisuem made more explicit we see that the result is enough good despite simple materials So how extra options wires are use for a rapid input and applying structure F E wounds
  • 12:44: thus we you convinced that to get started with F the world we do not need large investments in the muzzle you can use means available Molds to make their handed use natural material make them yourself if you will understand that you for continued work We need more professional then of course materials already buy ready
  • 13:15: wave and so do try experiment and you need all I wish you get good luck