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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone in this I want to continue the video topic of thin structure of hair and show you how make this bulk packing you know what i have thin hair I want with you share their secrets well Well let's get on well, I washed her hair and today before I want to install test here such means of systems 4 is a company that issues in general
  • 00:31: cosmetics for improving hair growth to strengthen the roots Hair Care head and if they have in Syria such a thing as a spray he is for restoration structure of hair which is damaged there is thermo temperatures hot sweat for those who have very same porous painted hair as well as mine light hair color naturally they all is equal part of them tea
  • 01:02: bumpy Well, what else do I need it's interesting means it is a minimum fixation that is it for those who want very natural hair without any hard styling without sensations on hair but at least so the company offers a look what is out of this today? I will get you I'll tell you about your feelings but I like that here already such a spray it is easy to apply cabinet on the roots of hair
  • 01:33: they experience at length on my view is very conveniently I think that the most favorite part of the volume of course it's here top and bangs so at the root of me I will add a little more comb I will dry here is such a purged I have an early video of you told about
  • 02:04: as a comb between differ and what effects they give for the volume to us need here such a hairbrush with such holes which is blown still you can use for short hair for such haircuts at about this length like mine or More shortly here such comb she called fish bone or skeleton to people but I like more here this calculation is all
  • 02:34: we begin to dry [music] and how you turned attention origin dry all hair in different directions and I direct air to root in order to sell a little the whole form haircuts and thereby days roots are obtained they are not dried in one way they can move me in different
  • 03:04: direction this effect and gives the already volume on I will hair is allocated here such gaps and to dry out like this slightly rounded movements and direct air It is very important not to pressing to the very the roots of the hair of Athens should a little bit retreat from the roots and with a comb you are moving here here
  • 03:35: suck off hair and certainly the lower layer also can we to dry and so further on all head [music] I have hair on the crown I describe in some you can comb and then y you hair
  • 04:05: disintegrate under this already separate parting checks it gives such a convenience here I can drizzle such gaps hair from the face but Then I be sure blowing more and forward and aside for that again create the maximum the movement of my haircuts [music] next I will
  • 04:39: use here this brooch is big he is brashing with me ceramic natural bristles are not I use because it gives more smoothness and I need Conversely volume so I'll tell you I recommend that here ceramic brushes great option for home or not exactly your hair that I do I take great thick locks comb out [music] this thick strand here here
  • 05:10: [music] for brashing and will listen to each a lock with different well that good enough volume can be obtained with the help of this combs and brashingi due to the fact that we are
  • 05:43: you dried the roots in different directions 3 I can throw hair as one side to another aside to experiment for example with stowage why not me it seems very such an option is possible regarding means that we with you tested today I can say that
  • 06:13: you can overdo it and hair will be on sensations but you will be on your hair to feel exactly what you already have something from styling and perhaps even if to sort it out, you can noticeably lose volume because I have them Straight feel but if by slightly moderately use something
  • 06:43: quite good result and is sufficient natural hair mobile therefore can you with ease recommend [music] this means I hope what for you were useful tips write your questions until new meetings [music] [music]