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  • 00:00: hello is coming great holiday Easter and of course in advance we must try new ones recipes cooking cakes one spectator in contact me requested recipe wet pass which inside damp they are dry and friable here I am found and decided try that to us for this we need the first ingredient necessarily good mood and then u we will succeed this recipe with us will be on cream
  • 00:31: bought slicks 10 percent here I have 350 grams milliliters of cream we take 75 grams of fresh yeast can replace trimmer teaspoons dried yeast 3 we need it terribly will be in the dough add 100 grams Butter 200 half gram of sugar a teaspoon of salt vanillin three dining rooms tablespoons of sour cream or 150 gram not kilogram
  • 01:02: I have flour here and Of course, candied fruits and me I will add a little bit lemon peel also quantity ingredients you you can see in description under video first we prepare gum we take 75 grams fresh trophy mash add a tiny bit warm cream to good size
  • 01:32: yeast dissolved cream should be room temperatures stirred poured all cream add the floor teaspoonful spoons of salt are not forget to add salt and nalchik will be not salty and that is
  • 02:03: not enough will be taste I often forget salt therefore try first thing do you well so as not to forget now add about 3 dessert spoons and now doing this dough as a pancake so that our approached
  • 02:34: we will stir add flour and stir the consistency should be like taxes or thick sour cream everything was stirred up by me look at this consistency you have should be a pair now put spit in a warm place
  • 03:05: must not be draft must be warm and apara must double up she will see this is worth air in general now I will show everything see how much the pair increased as she is talking whispering tells me that continue cook chicken now we separate the proteins from yolks eggs should be room
  • 03:36: temperatures that I will take another dishes that is pan that was A place more for my cakes you see how it is I got it now pour out and add the remaining baking take in advance melt the butter to she did not have you hot before do kneading dough
  • 04:06: pour out eggs sour cream place vanillin remaining sugar oil all this now
  • 04:37: mix well then we will add flour is good stir the fragrance of course one enjoy cooking the street smells so baking house in principle and all the participants
  • 05:08: gradually pouring A flour at once all is not necessary pour out and gradually we intervene and now I will add to the center not [music] quite pour out all our
  • 05:41: remaining beauty good all our cicadas tight and that and try to take naturally without ossicles look what I have flour dough was produced I have 100 left gram Now good we are mixing meta principle I know the same what should
  • 06:12: get dough and good good it we knead to the dough lagged behind arms when are you doing this hand becomes clean and now we work was already out of breath because it does such a laborious topic not less and upset
  • 06:42: candles all batter mail ready rianna became this is more elastic and look and do not clinging to the hands now we cover cover and put in warm place and wait until our dough will increase by 2 times it's been 45 minutes look what we have it turned out beauty and now we will impose pasochnitsa form which we will
  • 07:12: bake and put on you can proof include oven and warm up to temperature 180 10 degrees are imposed forms a little less half of we will take do so neatly moldy now all we are off the shorter term
  • 07:42: still neat try well spread across surfaces that's how it will be more I took inwards like you see cut out parchment paper so that I easily got pasochki how does
  • 08:12: fill all the forms I will add a bit more here all the dough like you See, I spread out now we cover Polotenchik say and in a handful and let this rises is called a proofing do not forget to turn on oven and reheat up to 180 degrees look ask me literally 15 minutes
  • 08:42: the cakes have risen now send them in our oven oven is already warmed up to temperature 180 degrees you can bake at one hundred eighty two hundred degrees to the bottom in I put the oven my glass form with hot water I'm leaving now and in ten minutes I'll cover them either parchment paper and foil to our top did not catch fire while they are preparing with us
  • 09:12: oven for cakes I will now prepare in azure recipe which you already probably saw that it was all in one recipe i do it prepare pour one chilled protein floor a glass of sugar Powder I made it she herself added still a drop of vanillin pinch of salt in droplets a drop and a dining room
  • 09:44: a spoonful of lemon juice and all whip strong white foam watch the glaze my ready what she is snow-white shiny cool and as soon as I pull out the pasochki have a cake I immediately spreading in lazuli until they hot when the vase baked when you she does not eat you stretches or go to bed
  • 10:14: I look at the cakes they are what beautiful Let's check took a skewer and skewer my dry means the cake is ready and while I'm hot I'm thinking we will conquer glaze remained with me in oven for two more cake while hot sometimes I I can even when
  • 10:44: already all cakes were baked take for a minute smear glaze then for a moment put in the oven at no price and now I adorn now weight decorations for sale flowers and birds chickens in it
  • 11:16: There are no problems now will wait when cool our cakes and of course we will show what it is and such a review look what u i'm beautiful turned out cakes the frosting froze on me I still sent in the oven already plastered on top frosting cakes to
  • 11:46: slightly took how much literally for 2 to 3 minutes but now let's see what we have in the context of how you see 1 in pasochki in paper form with us No longer because we she was tried now I'll take a cut this we'll see the paske Here she is
  • 12:21: is obtained I would say that this the cake is obtained such an average humidity and therefore I I want to ask you whiskey have a recipe then share please with me this recipe that you smoke was wet within
  • 12:51: to taste of course delicious how can be unpalatable cake if there are my muffins there vanillin all fragrances and more and delicious so what i want to say internet is great thanks, i got it new recipe and shared the number with you I wish all of bright Easter all the best to new meetings forget to write comments put likes and subscribe per channel