Painting by wool. Rose video lesson "Нежные Прованса"  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: many such colors because he is closer go honor to be more warmly then I still from above put them shades if they leave while I to the depth of the pile such here is the color and a little beige on the left edge in general and could not read well
  • 00:31: then again let's go through and now I take again white and start 5 flower from the bud from small ones like that half-boats oriented already left to large placing them slightly avoiding one from another slightly staggered
  • 01:01: order so big the memory was all means closer to middle but if it turns out big means put far away we begin To draw a bud is not Be afraid if they come out bright ya I say always you can zap so that they are with some edge of networks with some kind of edge tee it is in our
  • 01:31: authorities and we do holy and leave some more such light shades of white and in the shadows we have them closing with a mending which gives us shade of shadow we continue from everything so screw in wind and already
  • 02:01: it's time to enter again Colour that is, I take the beige toning