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  • 00:00: Hello
  • 00:40: dear viewers channel hobbies to lie and we continue the rubric exotics on windowsill today video will be dedicated to struggle against accounts kai continuation that is in the first video i showed how you can mechanically remove adult scutes and achieve practically the destruction of the 1990s percent but this the way after all leave some
  • 01:11: part of the young account which is in larval stage so called tramps which subsequently attached to sheets starts to take off ie multiply if you look at video teach us to stay and carefully if You can take a closer look see so called dairy
  • 01:41: accounts that are the same larvae who attached grew up but not now on worthwhile immature and not may have offspring it's time produce a second treatment before proceed to 2 processing you need all the same consider a number of theoretical issues, namely see what there is stages of development such an insect as scabbard plus find out
  • 02:11: how do they act our treatment with using soap emulsion on their insects and why they lead to his death in an insect scutes distinguish four stages Development 1 is the eggs the female can save up to 500 eggs thereby making a very complex process of their
  • 02:41: destruction of stage means these larval also divided into 2 sub the first of stage is when the larvae are calm move with them there are legs and eyes they move with plants for a plant can also be on window-sills potting soil then
  • 03:11: there is at all surfaces that are about of an infected plant and the third stage is the so -called dairy scales when the insects are already grew up attached to its permanent place no residence already legs but still the phase did not enter sexually mature last phase
  • 03:42: of course it's already adult insects which is covered powerful enough shield and is capable of mate and multiply lay eggs that same occurs in the time of our treatments at first processing we destroyed the order 90 percent of adults individuals are mostly females who
  • 04:12: attached to plants also destroyed the males which all the time translating your life calmly moves most tramps well or part all the same eggs as a result, through egg week hatched into the vagabonds us state the scutes spread on our plants and now do not watch
  • 04:43: such a picture when he contracted one wall is necessary handle at in the case of all plants not only on the windowsill but also in the This room is eat in this room tramps can be everywhere to process everything plants these plants can not transfer to others Rooms thereby can spread the infection process all
  • 05:14: surfaces that have of which plants that is windows Window-sill of glass be sure wash these curtains methods of action will lead again reducing rat population the most basic Of course , this is not a let them evolve to adults and postpone the following
  • 05:44: egg generation therefore it is necessary once a week spend mechanical processing with we blow I myself in three to four We do not only reduce population and scale insects at a good good handling respect for all regulations actually destroyed processing repeat until then
  • 06:14: till you fully do not get rid that is a week passes you check appeared and footprints that's so sweet droplets excrement if not there is even if you do not can not see accounts processing need to repeat the same way
  • 06:45: as shown in the first video we processed all plants repeatedly the possibilities of course removed all the shield absolutely everything is necessary it's good to wash off what did the first video video horizontally laying flowers so that the scabbards were not caught us in the pot and so method and band Water can not be made just warm even
  • 07:16: a bit hot then there is this level on practical aspects arm thermal treatment will also help us fight with a shield not very carefully processing the plant does not worry hot water which holds a hand not damage the plant but additionally
  • 07:47: help with it fight the pest that is, rinse very carefully you will say thane so we are again processed all plants mechanical way with application of soap emulsions I strongly all the same I recommend those who have small collection citrus fruits 12
  • 08:17: still apply mechanical method let it be spent this was processing 34 even possible times but you will have environmentally friendly but if you have the same great collection these citrus fruits processing process mechanical is very capacious and opportunities for three to four times you not there to process then after mechanical
  • 08:47: processing like me and said you can use a chemist toxic chemicals dissolve it by instructions prepare working solution as well as spraying we lay the plant horizontally so that We do not which got somewhere around was all in the bathroom and we begin processing just as very carefully process all
  • 09:17: surface as sprayed In this case I processing with one hand do not reverse similar processing another the whole
  • 09:47: poisonous solution of us stayed in the bathroom further we put horizontally we could process this case could do not change because he will be poisoned also to every case is processed pot well, everything chemical treatment ended proceed to the next to grow and and exactly the same
  • 10:20: We lay and centrally process all surfaces with one parties and on the other pot processing Do not forget when processing means of protection that is, if you there is a respirator be sure use also do not forget
  • 10:54: then rinse well The hands do not agree instructions chemical toxic chemicals produce if is necessary cavity rinse mouth naturally I wash I forget handle surface even if you have not only also handle the same way
  • 11:30: process all plants do not I recommend handle plants still with the fruits of their will not be be used for food can be used toxic chemicals if you have no fruits to all success successful pest control if you like the video subscribe to channel put like well, until new meetings