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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you Julia and my faculty needlework in this video regular review my purchases from aliexpress like you see them again I have accumulated a lot I will try not take your time and fast all show and tell and also to give evaluation of if you need anything like from the review link to this item you will always find below in the description to
  • 00:30: video price is called or I will not since this they are useless constantly changing when you go to link yourself will see what discounts are there ? and how much more profitable buy on aliexpress and so let's start the first my purchase is memorial wire for creating jewelry for neck and when I'm her got a little I'm shocked Yes of course I saw when I ordered that buy 100 turns but to see the figure and
  • 01:01: support this amount in hands these are different things you just imagine how long will I have it enough is enough make of it decorations and I already tried it in work one turn I inserted in her master class search on the channel here this happened necklace is all super I'm happy with the purchase the next package is magnetic lock in a ball with rhinestones included there were five pieces one
  • 01:31: I already have the lock I'll show the products now this is inside strong magnet strong enough keeps like you you see and yet I ordered here such details for fastening fasteners on Ali they are called protective loops for of jewelry how it sounds right their names are not honest I know if someone in write a course please comments these loops will protect line or thread from rubbing and
  • 02:03: will allow the service life of the product and here in this bracelet and I just used and magnetic lock and protective loops master class is already on channel at the end of the video leave the transition to him you see for yourselves that the quality is excellent I would recommended you buy next parcels were here such magnetic locks and theirs here 10 pieces they can be used for light products such as thin
  • 02:33: flagella such locks I have in the near future The store costs 20 rubles apiece but now for interest take a look at aliexpress look what the difference in price goes then here are the beads a la pandora I came from afar They look nice enough well poured but if you look closely pebbles are not inserted everywhere uniformly and there are such gaps on some beads of ten to me caught 3 beads with
  • 03:04: are not exactly pasted crystals so that choose you can wait Master Class I'll show you how soon you can use them this is a bag the completely ridiculous I do not remember their price here how recalculate Of course I will not it seems that 50 I worried that they had very thin metal and they can be easily memory but now I see everything is good just like that random They do not touch
  • 03:34: bend to use they can be used for thin flagella they are attached with the help of pins without use glue this one parcel I am very waited to see So beautiful magnetic fasteners in bundle them goes 5 pieces as you see just because they are not unbutton here there are here such circuit breakers to be protect from accidental undoing they are used for belts and bracelets very soon on
  • 04:04: channel will master class with such endpoints so that if under this video you have You still key subscriptions red color urgently on her and on bell to prevent skip these lessons this is not the cords for braiding on a disk kumihimo they are enough thick their thickness 2 millimeter as it was written in description on the website aliexpress and here are such bright I wanted to color use for
  • 04:34: summer bracelet Soon you will see that u I got it again ordered a mesh lug this time a dark color its diameter is 8 millimeters you can use it as a frame for harnesses not very thick I think no more than 18 beads as well as decorative element for decoration quality is perfect the price is nice and of those five meters you will be sent to many interesting products
  • 05:04: my next purchase this is such an elastic band spandex thickness eb 0.5 millimeters she transparent good stretches and I'm already I tried in one master class and its properties I did here such a bracelet is here two rows of rubber bands and transition to this master class i leave at the end of the video and the last parcel very long it is up to I got if Honestly, I already thought which does not even come The dispute opened but how
  • 05:35: you see everything in order like this lovely beads of three sizes are now me there is and can start create great beads this 12 millimeters in size Here are those who have lived through the glasses there is certainly this is not natural turquoise they are all level and neat to me like these beads it seems 6 millimeters but no 8 here written you can take ruler and check By the way, how are you?
  • 06:05: see for sure 8 millimeters like this they look close to a these are beads 4 millimeters they themselves small but their a hole is enough big it sometimes it's important that I plan to do original necklace of these beads soon he appears on the channel that's all my purchases I hope for you was this review is useful and you found for yourself
  • 06:36: something interesting and useful if so put it like write in comments that of my purchases to you I liked the way to I am often approached with a request to help find something on aliexpress i try help each of you if something and you do not is write me in a group vkontakte look for together and now I'm with you say goodbye to all links will be found below in the description with you was Julia and my faculty needlework bye Bye
  • 07:06: [music]