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  • 00:00: [music] I'll show you one way so that room plants blossomed luxuriantly and for a very long time and I will show miracle feeding this is the approach to guarantees more long and lush flowering of domestic plants and by the way buds will be larger well, flowers will be consequences more saturated shades
  • 00:31: top dressing is very simple for that to us need a bottle plastic also to us need water and castor oil friends if you not yet subscribed to my channel tips subscribe after signed not forget to click on bell notify of an exit I took new videos plastic in the bottle here a liter of water water must be established with room temperature as well as I said castor butter bought it in pharmacy and a teaspoon
  • 01:02: for 1 liter of water to us need a teaspoon castor oil and we add this to the our water I'm special here I left the place took the bottle is not liter
  • 01:32: 125 because it's us now you need to to stir thoroughly you need to carefully closed and carefully stir for our oil is good dangling and very The important point is that need to water the flowers right after agitating otherwise you can oil burn plant roots well, now it's easy water all the flowers which are at
  • 02:02: you blooming simply slightly watered there are such plants which blossoms once in and enough here once such top dressing but which blossom permanently for example there all summer it is possible to feed every month and you really do not learn your plant try i think what will you like thank you all for attention to the next meetings [music]