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How to draw a pencil a portrait. part third - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:01: so the hair, we ready to let you Keep them small KMB shading I I use it simple device is there's a take a piece of paper and quite simply it I folded so voice can use finger before you can rub how will this whole thing finger at here here you finger all just fold can fully I also question the flour disastrous
  • 00:30: but this is nonsense Gizmo for here these here Small things like that just can shade more largest possible shade let cotton swab as it turns out too bad but not Japanese will not climb here on the Now place tasty only shade where there are large tone spots We caretaker here
  • 01:00: We start here shading already have disappears when such clear so sharp line some the center has it turns over monotonic set Colour more of the same Now the whole surface and already there's the smaller clashes we are all still here
  • 01:30: that here such things but folded paper tube well little lost it that one stick I try here edge of our face is not jinx as the edge there is still quite after cutting it let the husband taught
  • 02:10: how else I did not from below, as it were before to paint here and something to try portray a made such triangles ends Hair that want make girls certainly can not like
  • 02:31: hairstyles and be me they are a great designer