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  • 00:17: loops on the spokes 7 the way it is called cruciform dialing method loops with thickened edge by the end of the thread
  • 00:30: Measure out seven segment times longer than the width of our the future of the sample and here in this place will make moving loop do it here and thus pulling thread in the loop formed moving loop We put a slide loop 2 and the spokes
  • 01:02: it is possible to tighten loop set to begin invest twice end of the thread so that the tip was a little lines of cars and spokes stifle three his right hand the left hand enter the code and strings In the way that on the index finger it turned out no to
  • 01:30: which leads tangle and on the thumb end of the thread composed two threads and three the rest fingers We adhere to all then thread the spokes allot to the left and movement to the left right introduce a thread which descends from the
  • 02:00: thumb allot the right spokes and then movement from right to left grab a thread the index finger and dragged her through the loop on the thumb allot the right spokes forefinger right hand on It moves up and holds a new then loop the thumb of the left omitting hands eggs out of the loop and after
  • 02:32: it movement from the bottom up tighten our loop the following loop knit has different spokes allot left and from right to left introduce a thread on abandoned on a large finger allot spokes right grab thread with the index finger and drags
  • 03:00: through the loop on the thumb allot the right spokes forefinger We put forward for to hold then loop thumb We take out of the loop and the movement of the top down tightening the noose knit next and now the movement down up
  • 03:32: and tightens the noose knit next and now the movement top down and tightens the noose and knit next Now traffic down up and tightens the noose and knit next
  • 04:00: the movement from top to bottom tightening the noose wherein the process set of loops eyelet on our Knitting will be located in pairs and the edge will thickened and now can pull needle and start knitting with you evil Irina write
  • 04:30: Insert comments huskies subscribe to my youtube channel style to email newsletter that the site is not since the beginner's. grew up new meetings