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CAKE for the Girl Children's cake for the girl Tort on BIRTHDAY to the girl of Cake decorating  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello to you and lehr channel with preparing love today will cook and decorate such a wonderful cake Now I'll show you how I will collect sponge cake for daughter of his girlfriend Lisa, she will treat this cake their classmates so I try to
  • 00:30: make the most beautiful and delicious homemade cake the diameter of my cake 26 and a half at 31 centimeter 15 children in the class guess will be sufficient will impregnate juice from peaches recoat sour cream the filling will use in jelly green and strawberry incidentally strawberry found jelly
  • 01:01: natural dry juice the first time such we really see We used to seeing strawberry jelly is saturated dye and it's a natural juice and Of course the pieces peach first I two baked biscuit one biscuit baked 6 eggs me seemed a little thin it 2 us there speckle cut in two parts and now we lightly impregnated
  • 01:32: biscuit peach juice rather syrup peach syrup not too abundant impregnate since We sour cream so it is still too about our feed cream cake made not too sweet biscuits ran 1
  • 02:12: Now spread Creams with home cream is very gentle I made on half a liter bred 250 ml not cold milk Finally, I and weigh cakes tell its weight always use
  • 02:54: homemade cream as they natural and very delicious so the keel struck Now for the first year my hungry cubes Zhelev green jelly I not found a natural juice and strawberry's found
  • 03:25: so I am now just the same you use I used one bag therein 95 grams spread 200 milliliters of boiling water according to the instructions to be diluted in 400 milliliters of boiling water Well, because we need cut jelly cubes
  • 03:55: we are less than half add boiling water, I more than once cooked and rolls with diced jellies and cakes therefore I He said simply I repeat for those who has not heard it not He knows a second covered Korzh soaked syrup with peach smeared with cream sour cream now spread peach slices
  • 04:26: kids love eyes therefore portico section should be Beautiful and Delicious much blood peaches spread I will not and of course 3 course we
  • 04:57: sprinkle strawberry jelly cake and smeared Now we go to the refrigerator for 2 chasa and then we'll decorate protein-custard cream now with melted confectionary glaze and we trace our I've found risunochek you can also
  • 05:38: use melted chocolate I Melt it in microwave when we are trying to hurry make tidy drawing if you see
  • 06:20: your icing with his art it is necessary to further heat up microwave but if work quickly you You have time to do everything Figure summed Now glaze I send in refrigerator to complete solidification Chocolate Now cake will
  • 06:54: transfer picture chocolate here neatly where fazik grab nothing wrong then all we modify Now pink confectionary glaze
  • 07:24: we will paint bow what now spout and here the rear bow
  • 07:59: back at our Kitties on the other hand chocolate we need work quickly so
  • 08:30: it freezes Now fill a heart Now I will show that we We do a little digging
  • 09:00: white glaze do is a reflection of and center bead like this now with
  • 09:31: nozzle in dvoechka cream fill here We do these dots and fill cultures pizza and contours of all within it's certainly fine work for it get a nice
  • 10:01: the result of the girl It will be quite Now Gel decor We make our cats Group eyes and now with
  • 10:39: toothpicks top make the heart which will read Kay 8 years 8 years
  • 11:46: now proceed to the decorating what portico then I 2 identical nozzles star 5 cloves only one confectionery sack me pink
  • 12:16: protein-custard another white I will show you how you can nice and easy I draw the sides average nasadochka star volumetric and beautifully 3 strips with pink color advertising Roll down here is a gentle and
  • 13:00: beautiful cake for girl Kira I I gain weight cake 3700 on the decoration spent 8 protein subscribe to my channel and put husky you had aero and channel Cooking with love to until we meet again till