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  • 00:00: hello today bake pie puff pastry with fresh fish first prepare stuffing 3 medium onions finely shinkuem add one teaspoon salt and one spoonful teaspoon black ground pepper mix well gently rubbing onion with salt and pepper finely cut into half kilogram fillet
  • 00:31: some do not bony fish you you can use cod or perch or at your discretion add the fish in prepared onions mix well stuffing is ready to share puff pastry fast cooking made from half a kilogram flour into two unequal part of this recipe test, you can find on our website
  • 01:01: or in Russian unroll both pieces most of the test a layer thickness of 3 millimeter lay it on pan smaller part thickness of 4 millimeter in the middle of a large Put the reservoir filling good flatten leaving the edges width May 6 centimeters Fold the edge on stuffing and linking them
  • 01:31: removing any excess dough cover with stuffing lower reservoir connect the edges of the dough cutting off the excess well zaschipyvaem edges of the dough can be a string of test residues do I cut ornaments fish and algae You can make fish scales with the help of
  • 02:02: teaspoon cut knife glazik do high spin fin why paint it on your discretion lubricates cake surface egg yolk or egg yolk diluted half with water and We do in the surface cake thin incisions sharp knife steam outlet bake the cake in preheated oven at
  • 02:32: temperature 200 30-35 degrees Celsius minutes finished cake spread on wooden board and We give a little bit cool and is supplied to the on e or independent hot appetizer other recipes cakes and pies from puff pastry please visit our website or in Russian in baking section
  • 03:04: cakes cakes inspiration luck and Bon Appetit