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  • 00:02: Today we will prepare sausage games premium even the packaging for this need Further veal 50 kg of milk pork one raw egg small onion Simic rub him to 20 years welcome ground walnut monk certainly do not need without collateral a nozzle for sausage stuffing
  • 00:31: getting sausage need a team that gas platforms as well as a pot of water It included by the need to ninety-five degrees and water is heated until Let us fallen away So we will need 250 grams of veal and 330 grams beef liver and 380 grams of low-fat family all need to move on
  • 01:00: grinder'll decide the point February 3 millimeters but Grigoriev different dishes point is that when we do the important liverwurst NASA previously be mixed separately oath loading will used will initially be loaded liver then veal and then only pig started universities
  • 01:30: and here's another first aid youth relieves liver and begin to distinguish then Gagarin commitments it after that, he said he kitchen herbs egg torment Street salt sugar we should get a result of our work would this post different masses since the turn, he asks
  • 02:01: 50 grams of milk and it is a mixture of course meal Sakharov have and nutmeg and all this must be a good r The FAS is ready now we need to do succeed design the required amount of g however to 826 centimeters
  • 02:34: from under his direction analysis If to this point immersed in the atmosphere actually shell become flexible one end of the calls husband and rental clothes and punching skin and everything here on this device stuffing sausages called Centre but first
  • 03:01: I know how to show my care download minced meat grinder and pass it to he reached the edge of that time will be less air emerging in two villages batumi sausages here such here we have turned a very and now the latest technology process of auto one as long as it is conventionally called because
  • 03:31: Water should now not the temperature at which we sank a similar sausage in the pan water temperature should be 95 degrees fail at 80 5 degrees for holidaymakers plunging button every in a different We look to be in the water cover with a lid against the tide I'm glad so five minutes
  • 04:00: 5 at a temperature of 80 degrees are held heat treatment took 45 minutes took place remove pan representatives I do not know I specifically services tails left awarded the pot and shift it capacity and now they will need to rinse cool however 1
  • 04:30: Here it is cooled sausage in running water but it is not desirable to use filtered water in any case in the 1970s Here it is necessary to weaken and put in fridge about 40 ext Here for example is now round cars cool, too, it is important to to correct before we first sausage Congress boiled out of the water running water nature rolled cold water then condemned to room temperature and fraud and
  • 05:01: put in the refrigerator and now it is completely ready of liver premium sausages cut's see what happens in the section of our sausage cut into thin slices but the novel shell removed very easily apartments as you can see
  • 05:32: completely natural sausage Here is the liverwurst Higher grade excellent prepared in full and natural products at home according to Coppermine beef liver if not but there is a pension and if nothing else I assure you that this sausage you do not buy store and make crafts