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  • 00:00: I had the honor and 30 s responsible for neighboring astronauts healthy in flight result of this able to work create a system which allows assert that disease as there are none
  • 00:30: condition in Korolev He taught us if you criticize offer propose to do code but also set up Today recreational that system It allows not to declare cancer of that AIDS and no one to me to court until I will because I'm right we have developed that system only allows for through awareness and mixdown consciousness a great man if official medicine said to the man that he was sick of it already
  • 01:01: can not be disinfected changing minds person is already beginning to dwell consider themselves flawed towards another cure it but most can not important if the person accent attention to those backup mechanism which lies about us they are an order of magnitude more than any damaging fact is man can only cure for thereby only chegt to himself
  • 01:32: I was engaged in it his car from him itself depends on it health status today the technique officially clinically confirmed that can get us altered consciousness the so called you can dream today rebuild that authority a man cut out and is clinically confirmed official event this medicine He knows in France Germany in Sweden US to Ukraine this
  • 02:02: technique works we sometimes doing what can not do official I write about medicine the books written elementary easier if peroxide hydrogen here is water not whether clairvoyance whether a book that It called reserve the possibility of the body how to use the breath mind can cure a man faceless therefore prosperity all of you, and the most Home health which is in not only in your your hands but also in the
  • 02:33: your mind even the fact that I I come back again to he began to power system we had one of the physicists led Osinki all but fly on HIV which was Institute expanse and Taganrog, a year after children and thought the earth children space and land a world that includes we all have for you isolated and this
  • 03:04: the earth is the experience for machines until the summer for at home and we are almost a little We walk through the land in Unlike animals all that go on prison is not the hoof, and get Ghana do not get washed by Blows and digging to provide 15 18 percent of it to the modeling and the land that should we do to the snow we have not I understand but the cell has understands that it Here is de-energized
  • 03:35: spend developing system I reset it and then other iron is here that fueled component of energy the structure of granite that inherent It is not 20 years ago if given that this one beat box they said that
  • 04:05: Are you there, and the truth is polarized because all that's all there is translation so I work from right to left all normal spinning universe left to right hour stream it all correctly duck is 10 today proved again in the Ukraine that if a man and we 5 system to all works correctly
  • 04:36: little thing you sicker why pathogenic any microphone fungi and bacteria and microbes onkokletki they are afraid of love here the twists and from right to left pomelo collected the furnace can be 1 and tighten the left I want to right you can 70 years they worked and developed special
  • 05:06: information Watering of the hotel which twists Left to awards at We do not need no dashing and all that is yours we interfere with life and all these viruses are pathogenic the pig that couples including food by the way and although all die github but when you work with your mobile phone Let me you have everything work left to right
  • 05:36: Now the newspaper had children brain tumor sound view they are not you obviously run salary systems Japan and England have released from the hand sitting long sit has no right pulled mobile phones after of which three minutes Dad could grandmother asked the priest a kind ring this is turned off
  • 06:06: destructive acts especially young the brain absorbs everything he I take a shower yet It acts on brain all structures for hydrogen and all women who blonde x 5 x peroxide only topically used but your humble servant
  • 06:36: invited to enter intravenously drink and even the prism do today all Russian on ears should you know What is Parkinson's and it hurts but when sabrefish Russian this alignment Soviet Russia low collapse 1c 20 25 s view that life in lunch and that doctors not treated in two or three months of this thing but treats such admin it is worth a penny, and then 5
  • 07:07: a pharmacy bottle and the Professor academics cents how many of them are here Photos can not be cured It is not a disease treats his acts die or I shake my whole life I have not Finally, there peshil and that people who We went through it and treatment write that It makes TV Operator name mother says Parkinson's cure with
  • 07:37: using pepper and we want to shoot your sins and had caused 56 h which I studied abandoned medicine to became normal people began where all 67 . when the cable goes toddler of his Mount Lipin You often fight that your boiler often serves By the way, I'm not talking what kind of program I I went to live at the talking
  • 08:09: we institute that deals position monitors there is a Russian rock Here, too, it turns out Institute do not so what will you not laykay doctors 34 and April 3 evenings and solves problem and return every man and sunset said that I mocks the poor I destroy them some groups Bayunov a piece of meat drenches three percent
  • 08:39: she hisses and peroxide no doctor of medical Sciences It says here look what engaged in this professor unknown public servants and gap through five to ten minutes three times shows this frame after two or three Time again repeat and at this time my Spouse bending angle census syringe introduced in tone to shore beloved wife I will not cross over for you tomorrow healthier than today
  • 09:09: it is not the sly I saw one like this It called instead to today how to bring and tell people the facts trophic ulcers Besides the main third this shoulders cleansing body. doctors water system cells
  • 09:50: we got there the body from the US, we sing together and we have long been wedding as a hobby just tubers 1 - a for system spacecraft and I then Hall role hydrogen peroxide in healthy people They are chosen for their general there is no need here only it is not falling knife destroys all bacteria viruses Network spike you do not have all the drops
  • 10:20: hydrogen peroxide here why now Izhevsk if someone will be they enter intravenously as at Well Nitsche no board analyzes the problems One technique fraction I have to write almost once one professor of the oldest Professor's cartoon Now they're use peroxide she happens to be element the immune system as a the most important organ
  • 10:50: who have to live there same as any other, Make the policies destroyed all who hinder work properly cells and router course system