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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: and Mr. Jean cook apple donuts need apples Large dry white wine flour egg cinnamon sugar and lemon zest beautiful cinnamon zest
  • 00:46: and wine
  • 01:06: mix gathered verification I cover the dough cling film Imagine the night refrigerator dough
  • 01:30: constantly passed the night I cleanse apples impose whip protein
  • 02:00: separated vein beaten egg white carefully insert the test partial protein I use until adding flour
  • 02:40: test with the help of sticks not to leave traces of the Party of the USA It came under the full all apple
  • 03:05: I shoot hot we overturn drovers and hot dipped machines with
  • 03:30: wheel mixed as soon as a weight of up to 100 it is not solid a moment they stand up get soft
  • 04:04: tasty donuts like what apple is not turned every such lightly-lightly hardish very interesting recipe excellent dough Wine is not felt and no flavors smell so that children also can separate apple donuts ready to enjoy appetite