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  • 00:00: Yes of Hello
  • 00:38: Today our video It will be devoted to roses and let us consider planting cropping and ancient cuttings people said that rose grows well where it is impossible will not notice so here and put they always or before house Rose went left beautiful two pilot I roses but they were both closed root System i bags they passed will plant
  • 01:08: in two packages, or they stood here in the window, and completely and then They lit a given branch developed Halevy cars here are roses when buying already ready even closed root system should be they try to It was kidneys have not yet undeveloped until the end not disclosed here are Rose is better than good I put no better accepted and well Ukraine
  • 01:39: if the rose is already a bud developed conventional specialists recommend them to break off We woke up the new but sold a kidney it so happens that they are not awake yet bush pro plan so I gave them develop fully It has been in the bushes virtually rose ready but a rose just can not put Why in the first place so I now it is not out of the house on critical temperature
  • 02:10: so different three or four days can We are not even eat them it is necessary to hold on outdoors so they are used to dry when warm air So they get used she stopped n-normal thread You see ready Posad why should that legends I should be depth to them so that Now the site of inoculation gone into the pit and in some cases
  • 02:40: It was filled here five centimeters ends of the earth must block to block the site of inoculation, and that it is not you that's not accurate this is how we should Winters fill the earth Why to case if suddenly we frozen rose behold These here are five centimeters will not frozen and there wake up kidney and will we have it here
  • 03:10: cultural rose on there vaccine there we sat rosehip otherwise case you get wild mouth roses roses hand hall type is what He began shimmered is a rose That's when we will fix 5 centimeters here here go roots and You will have the pink own roots plus roots rosehip and it will generally be wonderful to be large shrub large roots and still want
  • 03:41: draw your attention to the fact that roses who sell on winter or early they spring like usually look here such that the rubber Do well, that is, they covered with a layer paraffin to Rose I do not dry out and do not The port can create impression that this some gum on In fact the method does not gum is here exactly so they will show focusing layer is paraffin he defends the rose
  • 04:12: escape from the dry which take land even the fact that you're here too good land have choose roots paddy have 1 to 1 part humus and one of the ordinary garden soil if the land who bad here means from somewhere else
  • 04:44: normal location garden soil have not garden say so It can be in the woods under a tree there is a great land unbent grass cuttings and choose sure there's family humus always deep ok ok i forest and the price here and and mix humus 1 to 1 exactly half of what to land on their polar
  • 05:16: and the roots to breathe well and indeed I do not add here to add sand but he eventually then at several irrigation sand Delete the entire down here we enough to number of them gat Now look at what we then root and strongly great so we tried on about
  • 05:48: about enough here see further We determine in what aside time will branches so that when fire wound to He does not interfere with All then go down earth for prepared when large roots pour bleach them to the bottom of the pit was
  • 06:19: hill plant a rose on top of a Cover for this slide And so our fall down to they were turned and they were all fallen exactly on the hill and then fall asleep that's leveled on Pour me in advance no watered
  • 06:51: onion and poured back water which is now when we watered water right if we suddenly put in the roots of the cross Plot osypletsya roots denude it will bad here here Now all the earth enveloped roots Cover and continue when will face water it all collapse tete close family
  • 07:22: a minimum of water we need to pour out on at least one bush a bucket of not less ten liters we We should not be less than ten to roses regime tried to water soaked and the earth enveloped roots go further we add remaining death is not necessary there there ramming stomp
  • 07:56: legs here we are now sprinkled vaccination I stayed down there that's just the ones five centimeters We do this ledge around the rose so that when watering water not Care bush and beyond Well, that was quite well this gun let voiced world of sawdust in a circle round
  • 08:29: it will reduce the moisture evaporation especially if someone here This all puts the country water often can not comes once a week let's more moisture will evaporate but fill less which filings are selected nitrogen, so you need be watered nitrogen fertilizers or infusion of mullein
  • 08:59: or shall we say just superphosphate there matchbox on bucket and dilute pour from the following watering that's it that planted bush when it is best did the author Sutra necessary or possible not all of the evening Now that's personal This plant is the more it leaves us high consumption lags you can even tentacles night from which a then as
  • 09:31: stop bush see everything and you can would have watered two to the third and here bush near see wintered you wintered something bad here here let's branch. awake is kidney up here will make a cut all but this flyspecked if you're lucky you can even here for
  • 10:02: of grafted bury into the ground and up to the beam and it can provide an escape after nine loans we are completely some dry boards advance already dry here's kidneys no let's cut here Where here. look kidney is inside bush but no longer here inwards and the branch is not It is made like this Now we cut off these branches no longer needed here
  • 10:33: We rare dry almost completely root cut it here kidney awakened We leave it we cut it too cut off as a result of it turned accounting here here here too about ice cream branch Now all that's left on prose we that this is normal
  • 11:03: good crop than More rose rezhesh so it grows heap let's see here look here she century here it is frozen and Now we take although I had already late Here you can take do Irina I rarely here such Now let
  • 11:36: let's try take two cuttings These faults extra but this bush planted this way put him also these Now leave this here I see highly developed section and of course later have to give a good time is there is a little wood Now that's stress we have cut it already ready to grow and suddenly it cut
  • 12:07: he is now still have desire on develop We sit down in the ground leaving only one makushechki can even here are some leaves to reduce the Vlach put him at the bank's earth prepare good land and even the world staff will select the stalk rest against the finger end and bend after about 45 what degree stick on
  • 12:38: sprinkle the ground and top set so let's say that's by crop here many use the bank can and beam but what I'm good you should put It will be on a two-liter change he set It can be in a bottle and watered and in case if much hot it will be possible to open cap to plant ventilated and if
  • 13:09: It will be cold here covered it get in Now open the greenhouse extra leave her husband the plant is not zaparivat it to me It collects many Moisture in the air humid and here is the second rose flower ordered to make a hole here inserted quietly to 45 degrees I you just want show that it is possible and do so here
  • 13:39: even when cuttings there is a kidney should be more the unopened there is better stir you see that it is alive. experiment Well this is not what happened in a place to put here cuttings to plant more than let's say that together
  • 14:09: not much I sunny place will this caused that is not always there the sun was shining here should still better to trust Now I plant where trees will It is shaded the location is very good has taken the These cuttings sun after four hours and it is here in this here at this point so we again today Winter poured water
  • 14:39: absorbed wallow retain moisture such retained why never rooting Here you will presented where the cable was not an Rose stayed with withered
  • 15:12: Now bite off I will then continue bundles and then here they are very already well developed you are now cut and climbing roses Now what are you doing can from this thread to make some cuttings ie here take 10-15 centimeters and slice here you I get one people want here little penechek
  • 15:42: taller to him You will push in ground so as not to break off wins more here are 5 of the same stalk leave very Undercut I studied 2 cuttings Now this third well here this here. will have three cutting Puchkina that is, we look paying attention to one kidney yes yes through a share on top pile all others will land
  • 16:12: and they do not go like this let's here that's close by and in Poza that we are all still here I there you leave here still raving per tonne and drowned the winter and you do not need a kidney it is not necessary to open and here's another stories well and everything It will be well on the same will
  • 16:43: here and then cover cover with brushes need a bottle because is already here beam let's say if kidney was completely even when closed can somehow not cover and here here Now watering and then we will cover will lay bottle and look forward to when we zakolositsya still have one way
  • 17:15: Rosie is a breeding by layering except for propagation there are boats from the Now there was in the bush It swung to a two branches of one branch here most came and the second was too long but it He turned a gnarled I am lying on the floor and so I took it just bread about scratching will not say how harrowed earth moons that little transheyku 5 centimeters deep that's no longer visible and drive that I took here with a metal
  • 17:45: bracket, see here pressed bush and fell asleep here here they are here they are branches We went up there to the autumn we will have a bush I'm for it time there own form so tou on this branch will own chickens will be another bush, and here in this place here from the main bush to the following may still pass to enter sleep 1 onion dormant buds and leave to enter branches
  • 18:16: will no bush and here's a great then the best moments Here below I escape it I pressed and there is little grandma you but we turned over Interference back seats now show the way Now how do
  • 18:47: it slips here see the annual he still stalks dohlenkih just live he see here two sprigs of all Nothing more and there shall we say here stick with a cap like increase root a system of personal needs Now just quickly scratched the earth you do not even a knife take on not shovel post anything scratched harrowed to a depth of rub translation twig held her
  • 19:19: you can even slightly fracture then it is even better will appear in here canary time came Now fix it Only wire that she did not back I raised all Now pour on spiked ground and here this puts and left the leaves all let we will have separate course can
  • 19:49: here and cut it transplant or It will be the big winner with their horses and be sure to pour this place can be so easily burn politicians Our favorite nail files all opened and if someone does not have to apin you need party. Cake can be basic
  • 20:19: moments I have shown you and cuttings planting and pruning roses but what is unclear ask the the ability to answer thank you for attention bye