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  • 00:01: hello today we'll show you how make such universal high beds for growing vegetables in Open the chest in Most of these beds designed for tomato cultivation can be grown Now let consider what we need for to make
  • 00:30: a flower bed firstly it edged planks width 15 centimeters but cr Edged Secondly us need for windows 8 third manufacturing need square profile at which will secured son of our boards are in the
  • 01:02: This profile will be attached haylage we naturally need roofing screws a length of 5 centimeters and Of course, it is desirable previously process these sections that's all that we need for making these the ranks Now we are more and describe in detail rather tell and
  • 01:31: show how make certain part of this gathering a bed is enough quickly and easily here Look, we have collected your over the weekend 10 of beds except in so far Only the spirit that also ready and waiting age when they we now we establish let's continue to make our sight make it easier to
  • 02:00: collect the beds if they We were all the same it is desirable for each operation notion small devices for to collect I thought bokovinki workbenches very simple simple device you everything is exactly the world in size and how we gon It should be based on profile our box and clamped its two bars
  • 02:31: one bracket above sticks below here did distance between thick strips like times the distance our subdued so we are now see how easy We collect one of Bukovina stifle virtually we nowhere have no place to hide Our may already have
  • 03:09: gets all clear they are pebbles too nowhere shifts because limited here All these forms it is like we have a I was the only gather for this we drill holes
  • 03:30: the right places I want to say that better to take 4 Earl because the screws have we have a little more they will be held from on the other hand I took another drill can
  • 04:00: use one drill or screwdriver beaten Twirl our to place it at us nowhere is not disappears retracts
  • 04:36: Thus, I now also squeezed twirl crystal
  • 05:03: you have calibrated blood and of course the key screwdriver because what or have to twist very all sides Karinochka ready
  • 05:30: can now be install here other trims others side dosochki they 11 are all themselves the beds we also Collect is not in place and in the yard for this We made the most elementary saved lazy tightened planochki distance just beds
  • 06:01: important to them fasten exactly 90 degrees for example here some board presses marginalia the other side of us put a gun already put on top of the board that we side
  • 06:30: naturally naturally drill first hole and then turn over at only arrest one central profile Screw one board pre and floor then a second
  • 07:02: we grow here Of course to do this we must together may of course all then we will overturn our construction and now We gather it to you We have collected it
  • 07:39: set in anywhere and wish can such beds installed then right on top and stuff and and grow all vegetables we now
  • 08:02: do more necessary number of beds set the size laces and sizes
  • 08:37: desirable thing thing now high-quality recording our beds composition and for this I I use rotted leaves
  • 09:14: from our cell on such a bed is usually Now I bring upon leaves
  • 09:30: at least a little rotted compost is now add a bed and partly to overheat rotted compost here fertile zapravochku we did Now it is flower bed you previously survived below
  • 10:10: gryadochki ground especially because it will mulch one year continuously accumulated here
  • 10:31: it now remains for produce small arc Now I will tell you how arc for beds I use a rod He's eight more or less cheap compared with corrupt rough the more that I need arc which is for my the beds are the beds much worse than standard arc
  • 11:03: It will have two ducks and a half meters to height as the I came all the time beforehand you account so that bars today divide in half this 125
  • 11:40: in order to I used to bend a very simple way I drew the necessary oak here I have it the width of the beds is 65 centimeters so
  • 12:00: semicircle it diameter but in order to do if is exactly sixty-five we and we therefore Bend the diameter of the rod very good then springs back arc turns so much wider I first occasion wildebeest she is such a ring just in diameter 65
  • 12:31: radius and this is now floor calcium'm here I made much narrower somewhere centimeters 7 I gradually brought so then I did in May we just see all score for to my rested retirement yet additional see Zeke here Now that compresses
  • 13:10: Now I'm in my middle, Here begins the path So I bent here
  • 13:31: too samorezik which fixes it back is not springs Now I take out more I twist the other party
  • 14:07: I bent under such diameter if you will do so at the me much get wider so it must be like to bend it here it's strange to me done much my anchoring held
  • 14:32: different design It is the first experience so by now I have just now clearly in diameter it is
  • 15:00: Now learn this arc to make and all about specific template here I have already they all get about the same but say that then they are the same will be installed our ancestors here we the arc produced on ends on the board leaves that
  • 15:32: when our wooden beds all convenient to do so that deluxe between the arcs pulled the twine that will have keep and central also did not give them to and fro stagger at the same time will support
  • 16:01: for remaining materials and and has already put