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  • 00:00: Planting strawberry seedlings Hello friends! Here is the moment, when you need to plant your seedlings. In the past, video I talked about the fact that seedlings of strawberries, generally any seedlings, better planting on cloudy days when the sun does not bake. But since we have now is a good clear the weather, on the one hand it is good,
  • 00:31: we will plant your seedlings in the evening. It is advisable to plant it in the evening. For this I'm going to familiar to you beds, which I I made under the royal breeding and choose a container with seedlings.
  • 01:07: Before you pull out seedlings from the container, it is desirable to well drench and let for some time. To the water was complete, all soaked roots, to then was
  • 01:31: convenient to divide these roots. And shake. But for the summer It has grown so much good root system for seedlings. It is very important!
  • 02:01: Do not forget to pull the first here these brackets, which pinned seedlings, in order to make it more reliable It was in our capacity. And cautiously dissociate, We separate the seedlings from one another.
  • 02:31: Here's one back. The roots of the head down. Scissors cut off all unnecessary mustache, which it starts and we removed. maybe even somewhere dried up leaves, to not so much attracted water while live.
  • 03:01: And be sure to trim some lower part roots. Why? Because it is very important to roots were ground in exactly vertically downward. That there was no bending roots. Then they will disappear - it's not good. Here's a bush with a long root system sadim the ground. For this I, too, initially it
  • 03:30: soaked, moistened tchatelno and sadim bush into place. Hold for the heart, so-called, I pour
  • 04:02: ground. Watch carefully to this heart It was not recessed below the ground. Because will rot. Although, in my opinion, better let a little peek roots than heart much will zaglublonnym. When watering, at first watering, even if you just bury, topsoil
  • 04:30: washed away and heart will be on top. Keep an eye on this to deep it did not grow. After the whole row planted, thoroughly moisturize. Especially in dry weather try every night to water their seedling until it is well accustomed. In general, then, when the next summer, when will increase your
  • 05:01: Strawberry, try for winter ensure its for example drip irrigation. Or any convenient. If you will a lot of the beds, it will be easier for you not to carry water in general as a recommendation - if you have no water on your garden site or near the house site, it is better not to engage in strawberries. Because strawberries loves the sun, loves strawberries
  • 05:31: water. Good luck with your harvest! Bye Bye