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How to make a doll of \

How to make a doll of \"Monster High\" of a foamiran. Part 2. Head.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Sem hello to you channel Mickey Mouse and Yarosh recoil In this video we continue our workshops on form early today we We tell you how to make head and hair for dolls we put the head on a bottle neck which is less than Our ball for head Head we we use a ball diameter 60 millimeters from one
  • 00:30: hand I had already He has stuck to seal about it as well as our trunk we do now top of the head we take flamera the desired color with one Skin color with other hand it will hair color here So we measure we desired width square and a the width of its cut
  • 01:01: Now that the box we turned Now we heat it on the iron and I pull on the ball I see now it will do so kraken warming
  • 01:36: well who does not pull just fine that I'm all right the first time everything can happen be such that obtained from the first times it is absolutely normally try example and it is not sooner or later you You can do it ideally just saying that it is heated only good heated iron and what will be then here are engaged Such is the little thing we
  • 02:06: now we got cant then we need it will be adhered to ball and so that's something What connects them in I now turned so that's cap we put check whether we will hide all joints I have just I turned out perfectly even this does not itself I expect to give lick Now here I have to bad camera Vega y I have here contoured
  • 02:36: wooden stick I snapped on the line a couple of millimeters more than just in case it is always better You do so now we need to stick it is all to our as the ball Styrofoam ball It tends it is best to burst not heated glue it to do so will simply perfectly I will have to do We are putting our
  • 03:07: semicircle joint because that we already glue and under edge smear glue and smear it to foul himself they ball and started get very terrible things and that the carcass bursts and how We are pressed and hold for a while until well grab a hot glue seizes
  • 03:37: quickly with awkward in the then when Vedic here you no longer have the It is cute a piece that we glue here should cut off all joint to joint go here even if it would be better and not a little will converge here for example this way because this case, we are all will close polosochka this will not visible but there piece of us it It will be seen as we
  • 04:07: cut and striped soon length is a4 halves until rarity width if the margin in You absolutely straight that is, not some and an angle 100 5-7 millimeters millimeters I have enough another case where I got crooked and I did almost immediately even more centimeter centimeter and and is now 1 meter Watch where you have more today
  • 04:37: evenness folds it will be lower torment eye is not it turns out that's place here pasted like this this is our piece but plump book presses, and now we we will lubricate sticking it to the cup that is, not just here So it will be with
  • 05:08: bubbles namely tightens we will stick better to smear board more drops and you gave for not stop learn skirting continue Glue this rim if on the way to much Online thread it turn and drove you use thin millimeters there better to change anything
  • 05:38: its a female If the calculation runs his hands on the night smile breaks have all unstick and do anew and it's not rather difficult thick better Conversely pull him to stop thinner I has stuck Now cut off the tip and pasted it here
  • 06:10: You can already chat Mom Ball wear and glue remove unnecessary glue pieces scraps of background I the largest scrap it's this here from under parts that we did head practical and proud he signs now quite Now tverdenky simply select all strings of glue is not the gun and that's
  • 06:42: in fact our site the head is now ready to divide the hair to start doing zagotovochki hair we are taking with you our thick or thin What he is here with us Now the length of my case it si yo kyupid know how to vote while better than other girls in the which standard the length of it somewhere before mid-thigh then we take the entire width everything is exactly the width A4 and I measure
  • 07:15: desired length and since short hair on the different levels were and give us different but I cut it in I had a box Inca is the goal I had cut into hair now I I cut 3 of pieces and they all They vary in length that he obtained curlicues all at different levels that is, I have it here Now one levels hung like
  • 07:45: You see them somewhere on they centimeter length differ Three of us layer but it is necessary to it should be a three head line even then glued be parted as his to do the show gluing Hardly ever no nuance here I I draw these yourself line are their videos on the camera but I a thin, high-pitched that It was quietly because that the pencil is not washed with whom I it is very thinly first took a share again to stick to
  • 08:16: the bottom is not less I want to pay note that when we we glue We start like this stick with ribs that is not like that and it is on the edge then I look be careful not know be seen whether or not this way So I taped to collection and now under a pasting and helpful I finish head
  • 08:46: too, skirting the edge so here I managed focus the Cuba has the edge in my folded here a little I flew today Now I'll try I have two coats glued must as 3 but then I already I pasting here so that is already spinning and now All this parting Yuki have parted
  • 09:16: clearly it make simple I lick my ass glued to the edge I show what define I taped both You see like this on an edge that is not a flat portion namely, the volumes there here on these same 2 millimeter you now the second piece of exactly as close to next to it glue here such Now quicker and now it turns out you may fix here in that state for fixing as we know
  • 09:47: we need help that's just Timur is not heated here we need the prices now there will be nothing not hear so I will say at once, if necessary . the difference between the hair dryer and iron iron it first then heat up We give shape to all it first attach shape and heated and record oh still be careful so as not to melt clip periodically let
  • 10:30: to cool it to the adhesive does not melt principle if it It can be melted will stick again about it will be less very dreary and dirty so it's best immediately receive here as you can see already much better and holding room We continue in the same spirit no I watch again I put not taught hot not to see melt glue well and
  • 11:01: This as you can see at once effect and it turns out that is they still stick out Now after this do I then each individual to can not themselves bonus will tighten to their tighten us You will need a pencil we will need to how much each reel length apart and then dry the peonies there is no longer hot
  • 11:31: mode as the topics funny happened but received by and Overall if you do many times that will trim curls now I I do a bang here so that's it chuvachka small piece I cut into stripes and glued just on the edge And so it is necessary will tighten as how to do hair face will be separate
  • 12:03: video it I can draw a face just say no I know I catch a camera or no that before start drawing the eye I put on the corners Tajiks and I draw them nail like this way it is all that we would tell you in today's video Like put subscribe to our channel to emergency meetings