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  • 00:00: here this my time kindergarten thousands of veins two weeks and since this plant is very powerful even the stages seedlings then ticks are not required sufficient the amount of moisture and if you do not water it very plentiful like here I got here these plants she immediately signals this that is, thereby omits to climb into difference from others plants to which moisture this is enough chi plant lowered leaves and all its
  • 00:30: the view shows that it's time to water it apparently the last time and watered not very well so I immediately watering watering is little testicles it's very convenient for you I hope now mites and the wreath will be very well here it is seen in transparent cups as moisture penetrated them to the very bottom words literally several minutes and immediately it is clear that this castor-plant
  • 01:01: are already beginning straighten leaves that is, very quickly responds to incoming moisture the leaves are almost fine turned the steel beautiful rovnenko not that omitted and wiped out generally castor-oil very beautiful plant even the stages seedlings a little more but will also water castor in more large capacity that this is very powerful
  • 01:31: a plant like that too by appearance very easy determine when spit on some plants