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''Rejuvenescence'' of an orchid division of a bush  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you channel and Tatiana today I will transplanted here this here blooming beautiful why I did I will be transplanted because she has a bush completely fell on his side this orchid It is here in this liter pot already two years now at watering at soaking And not quite so say jumped out of pot on the spot and
  • 00:31: there and another there plus to it transplanted in the ground Masha started up I want to see that there so do not want to just transplant since This orchid is very many roots Air inside the many roots and pot I want to cut it so say rejuvenate
  • 01:01: Let's start I soil in store here worth all I needed things are on my on the table, and so I take the package will package wipe though old
  • 01:33: Now the ground with them all support it as it I really walks gone see and legs flew shake walk I'll take together
  • 02:07: We put him here such here We have big roots Let's see that the same although with roots I think the most likely it would be necessary to cut it First I have to cut it lower
  • 02:38: sheet orchids here and so it is cut I also will set penechek in the pot because roots are decent enough here means that we We do first find all the place we We will be cut here this place
  • 03:08: I think that this is number of roots our feed orchid enough here just do not break all scissors there's penechek with roots and leaves
  • 03:42: Let's see sins can be seen here sidekick to check here for dry but that's it uchastochek reads out his necessary cut here and here we cut off here this area dry This here is good solid read here I will cut off and he
  • 04:14: This unsteady start him and then cut off his good corner then good root you here Culzean green here a little good tapered but it nothing so scary but there seems to not all right no rot is not that
  • 04:44: now we have make Now remove this sheet remove the bottom whist this one even more so He had burns on the sun Well this office we do not root look it already bowl I think not created for us page These two take off sheet and generally When you are shooting here
  • 05:14: these two sheets shortly soon he will aerial roots young Now I will put just like that srezhu maximum cut off list now I'll tidy it here rip the neatly
  • 05:44: freeing space for new fresh roots here is this leaflet It goes through the spine neat here to prune check the wheel we have orvat and because here everyone roots
  • 06:16: They carry their their moisture nutrients all of you are well tisyach style that now I see He took off on a leaflet and g-100 is a young green and root 2 root young evidence
  • 06:47: when to shoot lead the young roots as a rule fast fast I spike grows 2 I lifted the cup all He lifted now I will remove Now this list is also I will remove the orchid but plucking plant
  • 07:26: I rented all leaf horoshenechko Deliver So I freed new roots obedient not only just wake up now! start planting these people we continue to put all planted and their
  • 08:37: orchids now I'm watered today I will have another so Littel I experiment ended car and I It was a grotto of one part peat one part of the cortex, and one part of expanded clay will look like grow This idea of the ground
  • 09:07: my first experience and I I read a lot saw saw different video that put them pure expanded clay and they myself Orchid well We feel so that here salt we should also Just so it is desirable to
  • 09:37: the middle after concentrate really like succeed landing I
  • 10:38: fingers close menu not to hit here the soil I landed on a fork
  • 11:31: Why did some press the sticks but they so here it looks planting and tour hemp from the sump new chic Well as it is now, I will based on all the watering moss and orchids all you looking for some AM plants too all hand who pawn and let's watch as soon as
  • 12:03: Radical and darling sure you I show this is what I have happened blooming orchid pots and I pot penechki from which snapped I'm here this blossoming or I think so flowers and peduncle my such transplant not hurt because it was all very quickly made the a good
  • 12:34: Thank you all back bye do not forget to put Like and subscribe per channel