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As it is correct to weld loops., the руками."Броневик" Dnieper.  See details »

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  • 00:00: so to we have become accustomed Bonds electrode to do this type conductor some after We will pick squeeze electrode repel ok here we repulse mass we have a rest form
  • 00:59: worthwhile a little shorter than you need loop or five years and We can now take our accommodation
  • 01:31: Only post here Here is the case, you can yet super sexy and this is not only that it's a parallel such minimum this to raise our loop worm come little if the door will not assess it can be a little move away from the sheet Savchenko if necessary more 5 millimeters Why to when there was reference mDF card suppose to
  • 02:01: loop is not limited by card so we do not crop like this will we do it is we just lifts the loop that is, it is necessary to leaf or loop should be at this place or a little bit higher slightly raised ie like this delight Now case included welding apparatus here. we do too are putting
  • 03:02: tack do good decline of some attention normal gait short coming all we have done and now you can basically Well it is important to let constantly take out and take out We go into cubes
  • 03:34: We do everything tack good sofa to I do not understand Now take so here is if somewhere there is a pause
  • 04:05: If such a loop left to right or left right and vases inciting take egged and look and first on Here it is normal you can here a little You can hardly win can not see as the calculation above.
  • 04:40: article raised this canada again but it will be house
  • 05:11: a and behind the wheel put mortgage we catch so the mortgage can so that it rested Here I rested here of a man well it Now she repulsed Speaker
  • 05:41: now again take the same under someone else and keep a here I am
  • 06:27: here now it is ready for bead ie take welding here scald it all then with scald this side here here is both of Rome's Here we like Gil Now it happened everything must brew that's kind of brew here then this is the most open door leaf
  • 06:58: open the door cloth and Aquarium all but a inside of the I have walked here here then will go where sheet BS and we must also connect length mortgage that's It should be the same there to frame shaped tube within a lower hand here this frame must to connect with the loop through a mortgage here sheet is not considered
  • 07:30: that is here and so now here we ends here here tube profile 40 to 20 here we have done the same length We have done this thing here this mortgage is embedded plate 45 millimeters usually take all, in principle, You can varivatte loop They are already aligned easily removable good well loop