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  • 00:30: Today lesson focuses on spring pruning you know that raspberries Raspberry fruits on old shoots last year raspberries there are young sprouts which are formed in During the summer and escape last year that I have grown over the years here in the spring, we will trim runaway last year because that has sown if we We work with this that we will escape crop look young
  • 01:00: raspberry escape it We have already begun blossom leaves as you can observe top of these leaves No barrels not woke up it means that either no you profane from freezing during the winter or they did not cause and this one here is against whom we'll cut off the via secateurs to top of the kidneys but only removed the tip here
  • 01:32: turned a beautiful escape prune nevyzrevshie tops old wood Raspberry's even greenmail cut off which are dry
  • 02:07: not ripe mail or vymerzli here plumule words many trackers Spring is afraid know your mobile because they fear
  • 02:30: confused cut Dad is very lively and easy to distinguish the escape last year that Bob for apples set which looks like so with a crunch It breaks off and now disorder such sheets many twigs his gone this dry escape had cut Even last year, but if you are caught portion which remained dry here Such are the shoots brittle as dried They live in a woman there is no need to remove them
  • 03:01: never be confused with live young winning young live wins without side twigs and plumule on it green and it can be seen he live completely dry Connected zelenenkaja inside a living Escape raspberry many ask how distinguish raspberries remontant ie twice as fertile and usually course Spring distinguish very but if it is difficult to
  • 03:30: It grows on you site if you have not usually buy what we buy Babak cut 34 Kidney something on the site you You can see here such here escape ends and berries former flowers here here they are crumbled they are visible it shoots past year and time on them formed berries flowers formed it means remontant like Typically, these shoots autumn raspberries removed remontant fruits on the shoots
  • 04:00: this year's here they are not removed we now know that this raspberry remontant