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  • 00:00: Hello this channel favorite recipes Today I'll show you how easy can cook puff pastry literally 10 minutes I almost never I do not buy puff dough and cook it it turns itself simply gorgeous flaky tender crumbly necessarily ready for us here is a need
  • 00:30: margarine it should be subject to freezer some time cold margarine true through a grater periodically I mix the flour with margarine a result of it turns out here such baby in a separate platter mix kefir egg and 1 teaspoon salt all products
  • 01:00: must be cold add gradually this mixture to the oil crumbs knead the dough When the dough starts
  • 01:33: gather into a ball vylazhivayu it on the table and knead the dough on table knead it a long time is not necessary since she puff collect enough it into one uniform lump it should get elastic not cool and at the same time very soft if the dough has turned very steep athletic if your computer stick to hands that sprinkle with flour and keep in mind that
  • 02:03: after curing it become shorter Our dough is ready send it to refrigerate at least 2 hours and it is better to night as it can be store in freezer and necessity use it universal test From it you can cook a lot different sweet and savory baking pies samsa cakes and pastries pastry rolls
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