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  • 00:00: Hello Dear visitors Subscribers sites Anat Cam py point in this video tutorial I will show you some ways as possible find and remove viruses from your computer the first way is of course already use established in antivir I have it and Kaspersky he had already started and press a full scan inspection in this way Kaspersky check Virus Stock computers, and if and who will offer any
  • 00:30: print or delete if you have installed some other antivirus eg about you but 32 or any another who also run it and a full she usually check It lasts from several minutes to hours regular antivirus able to find most malware the second way to find and remove viruses is take advantage of curing utility I Doctor Web if the first way you do not He helped his staff Antivirus found the virus can try it this method Type your search request of the attending
  • 01:00: utility from Doctor Web download the latest version of this utility can credit you see on their screens and I bring it under this Video I have a pair We have already downloaded here in This folder is I I run yet I close the extra window I accept the terms agreement there is a button start checking and select objects for test press second ticked off
  • 01:30: in front of all the items Hit and run tested This utility also scan your computer for viruses how it differs from the main anti-virus the fact that it first always has the fresh base in the second it is quite often find all viruses which are some reason regular antivirus is not seen scan if the computer viruses it will be found remove third way to treat the infected computer is to use loading Antivirus ie this method you
  • 02:00: help where if the computer infected with viruses so that even windows will not start maybe it is is the case when computer entered virus Now windows are not starts and when each time computer you see window where you asked to send smsku at some number and so on your a computer blocked by some reason know this virus and its when you want to remove my computer was infected with this virus even reinstalling windows did not help, and there there were some warning pier
  • 02:30: if you do not send smsku then your data They are deleted a few hours Actually it all divorce and personal they will be removed can just scan your computer even before loading system for this we need working computer internet access and normal usb-flash drive first of all, let's Download latest version of the boot Antivirus click here that a reference download utility doctors and flash drive to th tube free carrier falls slightly below, and accept the terms license
  • 03:00: agreement click save this antivirus entire asset almost 600 megabytes therefore it is necessary wait a bit while downloading insert usb antivirus USB flash drive into the computer and free it from important files because that recording greetings antivirus data sleep will be removed after antivirus will Downloaded we need will open the folder where he survived and burn to a USB flash drive and so far I have a USB flash drive yusbi Now already put I will write antivirus on it open the folder run antivirus software
  • 03:32: Start the window The program selects Ashby Drive on which will be recorded I have this antivirus I found a flash drive Gigabyte's Crimea also put a tick format drive to creation boot antivirus doctor of life beaten and when all click here set Doctor Web to create pipe drive reaffirm format by clicking Here on these literally small steps need to run for to record antivirus on flash drive wait a while ready to boot USB flash drive with antivirus
  • 04:02: established press exit part of the deal we did We create a boot USB flash drive with interest Now we are left scan your computer before the game for that now reload computer in bios set to boot from stick and crawl until after the successful creating a bootable stick remains restart a computer boot from this USB drive and run scan your the computer is now so and do reboot a computer and after the screen
  • 04:32: I immediately extinguished I begin to reap key f11 I get menus where I can choose to download your flash drive if you have such a menu there and with the help of f10 f11 keys it does not appears that you you need to go in the bios this is usually done with Press hey David and tab boot the first priority put in place your flash drive as do I have described in a reference article or apply under this Video so if you do not then take turns to read the article shake f-11 and here I there is such a menu here I have
  • 05:02: choose to download your USB flash drive that's my USB flash drive with the help of arrows falling press enter, and so here we are already boot from stick right here choose Russian language lower left corner press enter, and here We have 3 points Doctor in flash ROM check memory boot from hard disk so Now select the first paragraph 2 of life and drive press enter this tank 2 ap antivirus It has its own operating system and now out of it there we will start will be enough scan computer and cure all their viruses and so
  • 05:32: that's run operating system from doctor web right here we automatically load start Dr. Web program chickens and and asking us here To participate in program improvement quality but it is not so as to give check here not set press continue not in a hurry to press button to start test better click to select objects to and provide for checking all the places that It has wheels and different objects after that press the button start checking after such thorough
  • 06:02: when you scan would not run out of windows especially if you windows do not It was launched it was It can be locked That's how to restore your system does not reinstalling windows a permutation It may not help saver to be last Depending on the volume your hard drive a few minutes to several hours only wait after check will be completed you will see the following window where will be a button disarm and will given all of the viruses that I wish you success cure your
  • 06:32: computer viruses but this is not a miracle forget you can also not to use Only the stick well, basic disk you probably noticed when we downloads emergency antivirus topchik Bouncer credit the download version antivirus for Entries have to empty drive can used as a drive and the stick that my This lesson is suitable end if you interested in the topic remove viruses the computer necessarily read online My big lesson about virus removal I can credit Be sure to include below the video in this I thank you for all
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