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Simple and reliable connection of a welding cable without soldering and pressure testing  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello my friends inverter Interskol usually nothing but krupnenky wire of meter eighty because I put on hold separate wire therein piece 5 meters but and the remaining and descent masses want them It does not connect is about four m snes and I start this video I want to show how I will connect the cable
  • 00:31: way that I I looked in Internet has found it for good welders masters or rather let us say no just beginning remove your old so that the compound we need to do so
  • 01:02: we need to move where one end of our the other end of this, we already put Now connect the two ends today will connect to this we need spread onions on trim excess so I will be so
  • 01:49: way to avoid solder and no I can of course lick it is but I do not have press that sleeve boiled pork high quality solder too, as it makes no sense because what happens These tough then as a result of our fiber It will break in two will do whatever manner see here so that we
  • 02:30: join now we will it's all pull together also copper troechki make a loop so we We make friends and start
  • 03:02: winding to cut it vitochek flowers and truth to so friends sitting your set
  • 03:34: rather winding Now that's done the wire inserted into the loop our end and the other end of the stretch well as well as fishermen know principle also it can be connected veins connect pletenochki birches
  • 04:05: not going anywhere middle of the disc and and reliable Now or it zamatyvaem all electrical tape so that
  • 04:35: We here do not oxidize Not every water inlet air or banner tester nasadochki now! We try to go down ocean by not stout yet his friends and so happened hairdryer wife did not deliver this shrinking so I had a gas burner to treat warm
  • 05:05: He studied sealed seat but do not know how is not there today we without duct tape of course if mat has not yet out of you ribbons to the heap so to say calm like this So you see Bending I hope we have nothing
  • 05:35: I break off a book just sure it pretty strong It left us to do Connect supply it's all in place so what can you do if straightening Again it is not the ZhSU I know how to anneal copper remind you that it we, as I heating red-and throw water and so marks
  • 06:05: It burned famous This small but friends otzheg plate after brushed played oxides I put all the media let it bespectacled myagonkaya Pinch not see
  • 06:46: climbed after which there the soul does not know too powerful does not seem plug it there is something in We declared 35 to 50 amperes What there is such a
  • 07:18: It is also connected to the same and inflexible and durable contact he so now normal we need to do to me here on tighter a little bit was wanted already as small for the ribbon to add believe is now mutagenki slightly current we put OSCE
  • 07:56: all the friends we have now without length and its weight cable only received 4 meters because meter eighty this really very convenient is nothing anyone interesting, I'm telling you money is also put Here is the holder electrodes and a subwoofer that also replaced more and
  • 08:26: the whole mass pinched kind of like a powerful not for us not I liked our like many We drove an inexpensive So here we have firm Court's clever I did just I will say there were learned metal bolts Now these are I fixed cable I put this copper 10 brass bolts of it dimes retractor
  • 08:56: starter such details I came and went this lily set also lowering cable This is done Well I hope so I was not going to hit on the neck spring wife then do not result about little I hope as if it all can operate fallen will yet conceived clear principle here set three ties and also to tape then I
  • 09:26: it does not have Friends on the force thanks for all attention to all until I hope to see you again the video was helpful