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SIMIT - Turkish bagel. Recipe of the real Turkish bagel. Simit nasil yapilir  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Canal matter of taste My name is Julia today we do here such delicious Turkish bagels Semite who for breakfast and just like in any time of day when you they really want delicious sesame here Such are the very
  • 00:30: original bagels they are usually lubricated oil or melted cheese of the tea is very delicious turns so if you interesting to see how they can cook we must first good fry sesame me here somewhere around 250 grams of sesame I had I bought in bulk well that's how it is, all the fry in a White does not suit him We need to horoshenechko skillet over
  • 01:00: simmered with constant stirring fry until golden brown no oil nothing add on pan quietly stir constantly that he did not burn roasted sesame seeds here so it became golden straight Brown it something about He should be here still hot pour into a bowl and until it cools down, we start to cook the dough to test for
  • 01:31: prepare us need 200 milliliters of water 100 milliliters of warm milk not too warm room temperature and slightly darker here we add warm milk with water teaspoon of salt and 3 spoons of sugar and add yeast
  • 02:06: bag of 7 grams the bag and slowly begins enter flour flour It needs about 700 g the exact amount I I tell you I write a description video [music]
  • 02:41: Here I was able to dough you can see it as a like and sticky in while moving away from hand here is the dough we Now we cover and reserve approach We put in a warm place about which something can for half an hour on the can hour anyone what house temperature maybe 20 minutes rise that's me the dough rose
  • 03:11: Now. this test me We need about somewhere 10 balls to make it turns around I have a ball in the size of a tangerine i.e estimated here such beads must get so Tito is necessary to take We roll out of here the length of the pan and then
  • 03:43: there is approximately But for resentment and I leave to add up their baking and rest That's about how I said 10 here such Koposov we should turn from
  • 04:13: test Butman preform turned exactly ten pieces of 1 already a little swelled You do not see a little bit ran shorter old and leave them for 10-15 minutes and then Getting Started now one deep dish we not posted in all our Sesame another deep generally on a plate recipe laid 3 tablespoons 5 months it is in Onion
  • 04:43: They have a dark color but since I do not have I simply made syrup of sugar I then 3 tablespoons Sahara I breed a glass of water and stir well that of sugar fully now our billet seen that little already approached the dough we take the first that we have prepared We hire and I'm not from here even stuck together little glow roll out more More then we turn to two
  • 05:16: times you can not even a wee bit so pull out just like gum and then a curl flagellum Direct very dense and here in one place but then they close up can be here and so more roll turns Here are our
  • 05:46: bagels postpone their takchto pliz was not thinly postponing them side and right prepare some bagels can be directly all take 2 our second workpiece too roll up Roll out and We continue in the same a way to twist and in this place
  • 06:23: you can even like this so much subtly not It was again straight good glue that it does not sold out I save aside Now I have turned
  • 06:53: 4 bagel Now in a preheated oven to 220 degrees expose to the public sing in need 10-15 try on as soon not finish brown unclear maybe that's why need them control Well, that's the first batch bagels ready now I will bake the rest but here are my sesame
  • 07:26: bagels Semites We turned left their 8 pieces because For two ate not withstood him not sustained smells very tasty at all they sesame apartment very tasty and fragrant, and as you can see very beautiful necessarily Prepare if you like recipe subscribe to channel well, and I wish you Bon Appetit cook with pleasure and all till [music]