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  • 00:00: knitting volume border in the beginning of the series provyazyvaem 3 aerial loops and Further knit column 3 1 with a single sc 2 and 3 and 4 air loop 1 2 3
  • 00:34: and 4 work turn over to other side and vdevaem very first loop of the series and provyazyvaem coupling loop now again overturn employment in another hand provyazyvaem one air loop and 7 bars with one sc under air
  • 01:05: a chain of two or three times on May 4 six and seven and then We begin to repeat
  • 01:36: the same element the following loop knit column one sc, and then another three columns with one sc one bar in each loop the basis of all necessary knit with 4 column one nakida here they are provyazat further 4
  • 02:09: air hinges work turn over to other side and Now hook vdevaem here in this point grab thread and provyazyvaem coupling loop work turn over to front side of the knit one air loop
  • 02:42: and then with 7 bars one sc 1 2 34 5 six and seven and now
  • 03:17: associated second member further knitting repeated here this turns border it is very It looks nice and She volume on today I say goodbye If you have been useful share this lesson joy with friends put the huskies subscriptions
  • 03:47: because ahead will be a lot of class material