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Cake on a frying pan with a custard (cake pan). Simply, quickly and tasty! Home-made cake on a frying pan with a custard, prepares quickly and simply, it turns out very tasty and gentle. Quick fast cake without oven, poprobuyt...  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Good day dear subscribers and visitors our channel today we will make a very sweet delicious cake in the pan with custard He prepares very fast and easy stay with us Let's be cook together all Products that we need to specify on the screen and below the video first prepare dough for this in
  • 00:30: a bowl, mix the bank condensed milk and 1 egg add bag baking powder and gradually intervene 2 cups flour [music] when the spoon will it is hard to get in the way move on the table floured knead a soft uniform and cling to the hands long dough knead it not you need to get all fast enough then remove the dough into bag are going to do cream in cream
  • 01:01: Put the bowl half cup 3 tablespoons sugar tablespoons flour 3 eggs vanillin on the tip knife all this mass of us must mix stir convenient for you way I stirred whisk and then all this mass whip blender for velocity I brought in a pan milk to boiling and Now thin trickle left egg the mixture thus continuously Stir to avoid formed clumps cook cream on
  • 01:31: simmer until it thickens while continuously then stir remove from heat add butter oil all good to mix she disappeared and reserve cream cool if for Winter can be a window put it on cold as long as there bake cakes We get the dough from the bag it slightly punched and divide by three equal parts each of the parts to roll out sausage and divide further four parts thus it
  • 02:01: should get 12 parts table lightly sprinkle take a piece of flour dough and roll out it into thin cake then we need cut a circle that suitable for diameter our pan on that we will bake for that I use dish pan We warm up at the same time it does not grease spread it cake you will immediately see how on a surface begin form bake bubbles on medium heat initially
  • 02:31: on the one hand about minutes later turn over and bake on the other side and 30 seconds [music] in this way bake all cakes and then start collect the cake bottom I grease the dish then cream I spread first cake and a good we coat it with cream two or three tablespoons spoon leaves 1 cake top cover with second Korzh again we coat it cream so spread all
  • 03:01: Twelve leather top and sides of the cake, I also coat with cream [music] to decorate the sides Cake I Grind packing sand I have this cookie jubilee sprinkled until the pastry lightly presses treatment It will also help the cake keep in shape while Cream should not be seized on top of the cake I decorate chopped walnuts
  • 03:32: walnut [music] I remove the finished cake Refrigerate for a couple hours, preferably overnight so that it soaked try to prepare a homemade cake you it turns out it is very tender and tasty and prepared quickly and easily I wish you pleasant tea cook with soul with pleasure and you necessarily all succeed thank you that See our channel subscribe to channel and to ambulances
  • 04:02: video meetings [music]