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Self-made pass listogib for production of cases  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello possible You've watched my video about manufacturing with knife front ejection but so I tried where all the details explained that there all clear for except one metal details casing of this knife It was made on device under called in listogib that video, I completely about him nothing told so now I will a separate video on manufacture of tool in With this device I made not Only enclosure
  • 00:30: knife but also some details of its mechanism in general, all that It requires perfect smooth bending with an acute angle at the time you see the first version of this device is not fixed and does not have handle because of what they use pretty hard but anyway its task is It may perform someone says that make such bending can be hands or a pair of pliers or by some other instruments I can tell you that there is no guys I tried and I could not not yet produced listogib no smooth curves I It was not well in the
  • 01:00: cases when it It comes to manufacturing parts with precision millimeter without listogiby general you can not do here schematic drawing the device the truth on it are used Clamp what I I will not do as a you will notice us It takes three metal corners two of them are the same and the third length little shorter also be required door hinges their sizes will depend on the size corners in my case We approached even the most small loops I found a corner of the that already existed and cut them Bulgarian
  • 01:30: if you will be buy at the store you can ask they cut gomtan in this case use grinders you do and do not need only a tool that you will need it hole and Ethel on the time I had I go to the store also I did not want to and I had an idea make a loop out nuts and bolts of such design I I saw some homemade mechanisms and decided it repeat but in the end I even something too clever by half It went wrong and I had to give this venture went to and I bought in hinge bolts all that you must, in principle,
  • 02:00: the device itself quite simple to us just need to concatenate two angles using loop for convenience I put a hole corners between two bricks drilled all necessary holes and twisted Related bolts that I have had to availability as you can see and long dissatisfied you if you want them will be cut with a grinder hacksaw but I did not become do as they does not prevent the third area is that smaller as the see this because it should loop also fasten on bolts or both
  • 02:30: Figure has been shown to pinch clamps Bolts are more cheap and fibrotic embodiment so she could it is not suitable I see no reason to buy expensive clamp for such fun to manufacturing knife I used the device is in such as but further decided finalize and make for it can handle just tie the two metal tubes with each of the parties to the any of the corners but I decided that such a path It is for me too simple therefore I made detachable handle with using welding cut two a small piece a metal tube and I introduced them to
  • 03:00: different sides one of their corners will need to be welded and later in the tube is based removable with welding pen I still not friends Day apparatus I pretty hrenovenky so seams are obtained somehow so that you anticipate that comments will be once again reminder What fucking me but the welder listogib not on me exhibition bear so for me come the main task to nothing fallen off the first days of the device It will help Well enough
  • 03:30: mount welded Now need to check how much they durable I decided to fast crash test at help people Banshchikov great job all keeps Now it is do only removable handle this measure is necessary distance between these two tubes are It will include it will be made of reinforcement of the same I used for the manufacture of carcases of the foundation and it would be ideal use hy fittings for her but he was bending safely exhausted and so I had resort to here such a device
  • 04:00: just from Philip I needed piece previously measured Proximity and bend as will be shown in This video's pen in general and ready It remains only install it in the desired hole and fix itself the device on some stable surface enshrines listogib I I will be using bolts for this Drill holes on the edges of the corner I I found this here metal stand and it has there is a hole under the countertop all that from me
  • 04:30: It needs it drill accurately same in my corner Affairs of something pretty a simple one-two and It can be done fix Of course in an ideal it is necessary to was found some spacer because corner edge will interfere push through sheet to the end but I think long and so come down and when there then need I do it right now I need to fix it Device as possible firmly put pen and finally Ready to test
  • 05:00: option Well here is a
  • 06:19: It works in principle this listogiby but if you put corner more such as those that I I use settings for execution jumper as he take a large loop it will make already quite serious and using the device which can be make for example for skating roof of roofing iron in our city some people and We arrived and now They have a business they made skating and slopes other construction materials by the way are quite I did a lot of orders and she did not order skates themselves on the roof when manufacturing
  • 06:49: a garage unit You can not do only metal but examples of wood for such pranks like mine manufacturing and knife other it is quite enough on this in me today if you like Videos do not forget Like you can also subscribe to my channel to fact update all Thank you and until