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The easy way not to allow to freeze to a well with water in frosts - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: [music] good afternoon friends today we have winter Winter is ours every year I live in Leningrad field of but three months a year Uniquely we have winter minus ones temperatures often which comes here's how the other day at we were there under -30 it happens even colder
  • 00:30: less often but -30 to -20 and -20 to -10 this serious temperature that makes us think about what I'm in a private house in I live in my house in his home like many millions of people live in battle cold climate than I and living their own home know that the system Only in our hands no one of you not make you have it was warm in the house
  • 01:01: that you have water so that you have electricity in general Everything in our hands is not there will be no uncle and will not fix it time is not a limb you have enough money to support his and foot to plumbing fitters Well thank God, but I I think such a little in general video for those who can not keep personal plumbing and feet to da shorter meaning in what it's cold outside it's cold to do
  • 01:32: so that to freeze well I you now tell as I do, and make it very just in this difficult to bear no no sure that many melts know you and without me that america I did not discover but even if one the man looked there my videos and mana useful, I will Consider that the movie removed for good reason with us borehole well the street is under my feet see we did this
  • 02:04: well to sleep more were probably about 25 years old back very long time ago done on therefore several but in the old manner without delicacies and modern materials as always there was no money there is not always then money did not exist gel chewing therefore very on a simple taken barrel 200 liters well respectively a well was drilled we have about 19 meters we were lucky with water we have cool from
  • 02:34: tough but nothing But it's delicious and its composition is very good handed over to analyzes checked here shorter meaning in what Yes, now we have -12 warmed yesterday was there till 30 at night and in the afternoon 2225 is shorter well was drilled the water there we have everything time is a long time we swung the well stiletto various pumps of the type brooks there any
  • 03:04: know how they are vibratory do not buy these pumps because they fly out very quickly performance little we are already the second pump is here such a change from served with us probably a year three or four can even more such here pump much better bought an hour the same legs do not I will tell by pumps that belamos up to the belamos pump well they are all Chinese Of course, here 's the pump to buy but not
  • 03:35: belamos because the fault belamos speak spare parts not reach although who knows maybe you did not lie in the store well drilled down pump connected hose The hose is connected to us this is such a hose in principle not bad, but I do not I recommend it of course do it already all on this plastics on the wing not now try everywhere there in the garden water supply conduct this pipe but I have a hose she Holds and keeps at
  • 04:05: It costs and costs when will be covered by my change tomas theme good wild tomato come to me my good pretty boy Here it is certainly more reliable before connection to the film handsome people to me it's cold there, and we have several days already lives in the house more accurately in basement to coldly cold dog produced take a walk and yes back in the house she is on old cold water 2 years from glu cold
  • 04:36: Here is shorter dah dah all sit, I sit until a people talk here so that's the way sit shorter omitted from us well what Well damn, he thinks that he was called to scratch to rinse it yes yes expensive can wait
  • 05:06: the pump is lowered well as I said drilled well pipe and top is a barrel 200 liter barrel one she is cut out dressed then to that and and spilled with bitumen there well, a barrel too plastered not rot and somewhere on depth can be half a meter can be centimeters 70 we have there is a pipe from this
  • 05:36: a barrel of pipe into the house then there is a basement house then we have Water goes through the hose here we have there are taps I have to these I connect the crane in summer under the earth I'm buried in a pipe which goes to watering vegetable garden there on I'll show the capacity now Here the water is shorter and wells below ground in capacity cellar is stainless steel container liters for 200 with it on it is pumping
  • 06:07: grundfos station I strongly advise and advertised all pumping stations grundfos unfortunately they are not for this is not paid, but in general then a humorous joke yes shorter than chic buy stations only I have a load station pumping grunfos served more than ten years 11-12 and then there began buggy automatics although the pump is still works but automatics not to be found over repairs later I can like me tell about different stations of groups with which I had which to me more
  • 06:37: liked what less here is shorter hose water hose comes from well inside the house and from there pumping stations by points pumping but only but in the street this frost the pipe is on half a meter away from us it freezes by one and a half meter we have there solid ice and well I have nothing not warmed why water does not freeze all
  • 07:08: very simply again I say many of this many know may be I tell you quite in vain will tell me they cast rotten tomatoes will not say clever best we will know but it has started narrate I'll finish the contract here to be created for him connected hose goes upstairs and that's somewhere probably centimeters 10 may 15 deviating from the pump I made millimeter hole three gaps in the small drill bit hole hole
  • 07:39: she is a little when we turn on the pump when there is a flow water naturally this hole trickles the trickle of water but a thin but small hole there is not much water the main the water goes into the house but why do you need this hole when you stopped the withdrawal of water that is , own pump did not join automatics too homemade done there with two electrodes in the tank which includes and
  • 08:09: turns off the pump bottom electrode up electrode not there are dependencies from the water level closure of electrodes it's still the same elementary in Soviet time that everything is done by everyone works shorter it turns out that the water you turned off and water completely from the hose returned through this small hole reverse well that is it turns out that we have the hose remains empty and which would not have been frost the water in it is not freezes let's you I'll show you yes you can yes well Today it's already warmed up
  • 08:41: you see that everything very simply without language without any frills rustic yes look at our in fact this ice ice melts this water is frozen water is shorter well coldly there is water
  • 09:12: she was cold whence she appeared capacity yes damn here on and out capacity of the barrel is shorter we leak through it and groundwater periodically there I'm flooded Ceramic from hell you do not want them to got inside well but but shorter Couple this barrel make out everything humanly postponing it already year from now well spring and in autumn there is no submerges water so it's worth it in the summer dry and in winter
  • 09:42: frozen in the spring there are a few days There are also in the fall us in the autumn you were the snow piled up half asleep a lot of snow and then all melted melted away we have a new year was the temperature plus on the street and that's out there all over again flowed in general shorter than not very well let's decide question but I say again it turns out live in a private home and problems and tasks from just nemerenoe construction and repair I do not know what
  • 10:12: grab so why works and works do not touch but in any case before in any case this question we will decide here look, let's The hose I have is on we are buried in a garden we wire is primed by the way you hear footman turned on included now with us a deep pump then we now have times the color level of us means the level
  • 10:44: water in the tank in the house ended and Automatics included water is here and the water here went pouring in house in the evening when it was very cold i went to the well I climbed up and watched the pancake I think as if on everything it did not take because this year we even forgot warm someone who I am I was saying zero the temperature there is water I scooped it a couple of times and forgot to insulate usual here kipur son pushed bags I have surs on I
  • 11:14: put here although in fact sense from this especially there is not much here primary that does not freeze in water pipes is what the pipes we have after that how well did I tell you after the water finished pouring in the capacity of the pump she joined the whole returned downhole and dry trumpet empty dead freely through
  • 11:46: which passes through water but the water that she does not move it freezes in the tube well it is clear that in depending on temperature of speed and so on well in general Yes, the main thing is there were no Leak if there are leaks will be water pour out and tubu such frosted me was shorter than this one year size all the crane burst all the same water starts seep had to warm up this node is well warmed up
  • 12:16: changed in winter normality behold probably in this case microphone all friends on this i I'll finish it. if it was useful but in any case consider it important and useful to share here this information suddenly someone does not know all for now