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  • 00:00: Hello this Video tutorials will knit with a LIC larger side which in my braids look and make a very interesting textured it adds volume I think so veshchichki have
  • 00:30: much to their liking especially those who He likes things from a large matings the width of my LIC was 23 centimeters in length folded, and he's I reached 77 we centimeters knit it turning rows in length and then the end unite horizontal knitted seam here It is connected with the beginning end
  • 01:01: I'll knit from wool from I have here in the 150 meters 100 grams will knit 2 additions accordingly I get 75 meters one hundred grams in the end yarn consumption for such Synod personally I It amounted to 560 grams and my opinion is that it should be knit or greater and severe or do not knit it all I I will knit
  • 01:32: thickness 8 millimeters more we need additional borehole you can replace with a pin using it we take spit and also in end we will LICs and connect to this we need needle in the eye to become to make horizontal knit stitch's all So we start with a set of loops on I dial needles 39 it loops including edge all 39 loops recruited and we
  • 02:08: We begin to knit the first row of the first loop remove it bead and then knit 12 facial and we will continue continue to knit pearl viscous starting with purl we loop alternate seamy face Thus, we knit 13 stitches We began to knit it was wrong
  • 02:38: The first loop of knit 2 third front seamy quarter front and so continue provyazyvaem so 13 loops alternating and purl facial loop the last loop to knit underside and you will all
  • 03:09: 13 loops from one which bead 12 loops following we provyazyvaem facial last loop bead we provyazyvaem wrong and overturn knit second job number 2 and number as well as the all subsequent
  • 03:40: even rows, we will knit the same so in the future I do not even rows I will stop you provyazyvaete at first after removing first distal edge loop knit 12 backstitches and then you
  • 04:10: It begins pearl knit the next 13 loops we provyazyvat alternating purl and facial loop as well as in previous series here we face loop we were binding on it wrong way starting from the wrong loops alternate 1 Wrong dish I front on the front Wrong and over Wrong face
  • 04:42: because 13 loops provyazyvaem after the last 13 loop pearl viscous that you have knitted We still have 13 one of the loops and that the lip all of them we provyazyvaem seamy including an edge loop
  • 05:13: We completed a series of do twist and knit the third row in the third series we will do crossing first
  • 05:43: we remove the loop first distal edge then provyazyvaem 4 facial take extra spoke and the following 4 to transfer the loop it leave the needle in front of work and knit 4 with the following loop
  • 06:17: left spokes facial back to the loops an additional you can sleep move them to the left spoke to you convenience, or you can I provyazyvat immediately with more spoke knit and now
  • 06:47: facial four loop go on knit a pearl
  • 07:17: viscous following 13 loops starting from the wrong knit alternating Wrong then Wrong face of her face We finished on purl loops in you are left with 12 facial and 1 bead
  • 07:47: Now provyazyvaem 4 face in the same way as we have done in early 4 loops and transferred to needle and leave it before work The following loop
  • 08:17: provyazyvaem front including an edge and provyazyvaem hinges extra spokes I link 3 and facial
  • 08:47: for the last loop convenience, I will bind edge that is I spend her purl All 3 series ended Now knit just as the fourth what we knit 2 we are in the fifth row repeat all the same
  • 09:18: what to do first you provyazyvaete first 12 facial then knit pearl viscous The following 13 stitches starting from the wrong you are left with 12 loops at the end of 1 bead and in the 12 loops provyazyvaete facial an edge I knit wrong side Knit 5 and 6 series and I start 7 for this I I bear
  • 09:50: hinges on additional needle this time I will carry no loops 4 again ie 4 sts and 1 bead loop is gone with them on additional needle and I will leave it to the This time the work in Unlike previous previous time we left before work is now provyazyvayu following 4 front ment loop a
  • 10:24: hinges extra spokes also facial Well and 4 facial
  • 11:15: then comes the pearl mated on the front knit on wrong seamy face because 13 loops provyazyvayte you have until the end of 12 is the front and 1
  • 11:45: bead finished knit on the wrong Now repeat the same what they did in the beginning transfer the number of loops 4 for additional spoke here of the edge so we do not have transfer the 4 loops reserve spoke of work provyazyvaem 4 facial hinges
  • 12:18: extra spokes facial 4 facial that you
  • 12:48: We stay on the left spoke last loop bead it provyazyvayte backstitches do turns knit number 8 all the even-numbered rows further 1 to 8, a number of us repeat all following a series of 9 fit pack 1 that is our report height consists of
  • 13:19: eight rows and that's what I obtained after Knit 32 reports the length of the suit LIC reached 150 5 centimeters and he is so long that I do not even have a place to his normally put in full length show you therefore I I folded folded as it is not all of this centimeters of course you can make it as short and long term, and But when you achieve the desired you do not loop the Danube
  • 13:49: close Just as we combine with the start LIC all horizontal knit stitch now I'm on it not stop I will for this I remove individual videos everything shown contrasting thread you are welcome follow the link see and connect That's all for this will I hope to finish this video will inspire you to create this remarkable products which It serves as an excellent
  • 14:20: addition to any wardrobe happy bye Bye