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  • 00:00: Good day! Welcome to my channel! Today I'm making a cottage cheese cake, it's very easy to make, with canned apricots but you can use any fruit you like and it's very tender, let's get started
  • 00:32: for the batter we'll need 5 large eggs 160 g of sugar and 160 g of flour I'm not going to divide the eggs, so put the whole eggs into a bowl of a standing mixer There's a detailed recipe about a sponge cake on my recipe
  • 01:02: the link will be in the description box below add a pinch of salt to the eggs so they whip up better and whip them up without sugar for 1-2 min then gradually add the sugar and whip it up on high speed till light and airy
  • 01:33: till the beater starts to leave a print on a surface as you can see, the print doesn't sink add the sifted flour in 2-3 batches fold in the flour from the bottom to the top I'm baking the sponge cake in a 26 cm in diameter springform pan
  • 02:07: lined with parchment, left the sides ungreased even out the batter swirl your pan so the cake is even bake in a 170-180 degree Celsius oven for about 40 min slightly press on the centre your finger shouldn't sink a toothpick inserted into the centre should come out clean
  • 02:41: put the cake onto a cooling rack and cool down inverted once it's cooled, you can remove the pan cut the cake after 5-6 hours after being baked remove the pan it's thick, you can slice it into 3 layers
  • 03:13: I'll cut the 0.5 cm width top and cut the rest of the cake in half we'll need 500 g of any cottage cheese for the filling 600 ml of heavy whipping cream I'll use 400 ml for the cream
  • 03:47: and 200 ml for the decoration a 820 g can of apricots, where the apricots are 480 g you can use any fruit 150 g of icing sugar (to taste) and 30 g of gelatine. For the gelatine mixture we'll need 200 ml of liquid, I used apricot syrup prepare the gelatine according to the instruction
  • 04:19: I warmed up the syrup till very hot, added to the gelatine and mixed blend the sugar with the icing sugar however you want add in the gelatine mixture and mix and blend it once again well
  • 04:50: till light and smooth put into the fridge for 30 min so it starts to set, chop the apricots I have 400 g of apricots whip up 400 ml of the cold heavy whipping cream till stiff peaks form make sure that the cream if cold and fat
  • 05:23: take your cottage cheese mixture and mix in the whipped cream with the cottage cheese mixure till smooth add in the chopped apricots the cream is done. Put the first layer on a serving dish soak it with apricot syrup
  • 05:58: put on a ring you also can use a pan you baked the cake in. add a half of the cream and even it out put the second layer on top soak it with the syrup as well
  • 06:28: and put the rest of the cream put the cake into the fridge for 2-3 hours so the cream is set run a sharp knife around the sides and remove the ring for the decoration we'll need 200 ml of very cold heavy whipping cream and 1-2 tbsp of icing sugar, add the icing sugar and whip up till stiff peaks form
  • 07:03: spread the whipped cream over the sides and the top I'l cut the top layer into 12 pieces cut the layer in half then into four, divide each quarter into three pieces slightly soak them up
  • 07:42: spread some jam or honey on top and stick to it some almond leaves decorate the to top of the cake with these pieces sprinkle some almond leaves over the sides decorate the centre with the rest of the apricots put the cake into the fridge for 20 min
  • 08:12: it's beautiful Have a nice meal! Thanks for watching! Bye!