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  • 00:00: today we are with you make the meat pie yeast straight dough a little dough at once reserve for decorations for filling we take boiled meat fried onions in large number of boiled eggs and potions necessarily add to juiciness broth which cooked meat roll the dough is
  • 00:31: some semblance Abbala in the middle of a Put the stuffing Put a generous stuffing
  • 01:09: wind start cement cake noise
  • 02:13: decoration attach cake
  • 03:08: lubricates egg yolk cheats stretch We do a couple flowered on the middle, you can
  • 03:58: put pepper the whole pie
  • 04:31: lubricates egg to be sure the cake it is necessary to make holes pairs to left and It was wet test attach in such a way cake stand for minutes 10 so that he again arose because if he rises to oven he can crack it then you need to climb we shall bake
  • 05:02: we have good pie repented we We put in the oven at 200 degrees 40 minutes we took 40 minutes ready to grease the cake butter
  • 05:36: a wee bit so that it shone close clean towel and We give it to stand 10 minutes so that later it can be there is